RPGamer Round-Up: June 26 – July 3

Welcome to the latest edition of RPGamer’s round-up column, where we look back at some of the articles that we have posted over the previous week. This article is designed to give reminders of some interesting content and stories that our readers might have missed.



As we adventure through our favorite game worlds, RPGamers pass through our fair share of towns and cities. In our two-part feature, we share some of the humble towns that stuck with us for their coziness and quirkiness as well as beloved cities that seem to take on lives of their own.

We kick off another #JRPGJuly, our month-long community game-along! The RPGamer staff let us know what they are planning to play for the celebration.


Editorial Content

Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga is a retro-inspired strategy RPG available now on Steam. Jonathan Stringer interviews one of the developer Dancing Dragon Games’ Co-Founder Phil Hamilton about the game’s inspirations, gameplay mechanics, and future.

A few months after the first entry landed on the Switch, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords does the same. Luis Mauricio finds that the game is regrettably glitchy, but fans of Star Wars and RPGs will still find it worth their time.

Arthurian legends adaptations have to find a way to showcase something unique to stand out. Ryan Costa reports that The Hand of Merlin uses otherworldly sci-fi enemies, alien horror, and a killer soundtrack to provide an entertaining tactical roguelite.

Lured in by promises of combat and carnage in a 2D action Soulslike? Pascal Tekaia discovers that Watcher Chronicles delivers what it promises, but it doesn’t go far out of its way to make the experience a worthwhile one.


Major News

Square Enix revealed its take on the life sim RPG sub-genre. Harvestella launches on PC and Switch this December.

Square Enix revealed that tri-Ace’s latest Star Ocean title will launch worldwide in October. The publisher also provided a heft amount of new media and details for the sci-fi action RPG.

Atlus has successfully demonstrated how to make a single announcement take over two weeks. The Persona titles previously announced for other platforms are also hitting Switch.

2B and 9S are returning and making their way to Nintendo Switch. NieR: Automata will launch on the hybrid console this October.

2019’s crossover between Doraemon and Story of Seasons is getting a follow-up. Doraemon Story of Seasons: Friends of the Great Kingdom launches later this year as Noby and his friends travel to a new planet.

Capcom announced the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection. The collection will bring all ten mainline GBA titles in the series to PC, PS4, and Switch next year.

A demo finally lets western RPGamers try out Live A Live. Players can access the start of three of its story arcs, with save data transferable to the full game, which launches next month.

Square Enix held its latest Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer presentation detailing the upcoming Patch 6.2 update. It includes numerous new pieces of content, such as new dungeons, quests, and the Island Sanctuary.



Further Release Announcements


Other Selected Stories


Square’s successor to Final Fantasy XI is the game so nice, they launched it twice! Join us along with guests Robert, Noodle, and Phil, while we reminisce about Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (and a little of 1.0).

This week in Q&A Quest, we discuss the latest gaming news. We also discuss Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Kelley kabongs all the monsters. Anna Marie somersaults with her warhorse. And Chris learns that two times zero is still zero.


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