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Episode 93: Mew-gen Souls – Q&A Quest

This week in Q&A Quest, two additional staff members guest star to discuss their trials and tribulations playing through Metal Max Xeno. We also discuss our personal favorite first-person dungeon crawlers such as Etrian Odyssey.

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Episode 91: Trails for the Sequel – Q&A Quest

This week in Q&A Quest we discuss the recent news of the Trails of Cold Steel games coming to PS4 in the west and our hopes that news of the sequels will follow in the near future. We also discuss Metal Max Xeno and whether or not the game wants us to take it seriously.

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Episode 90: Max Metal – Q&A Quest

This week in Q&A Quest we discuss Metal Max Xeno now that the series has finally returned to the West. We also discuss our favorite Western RPGs, including the likes of Baldur’s Gate II and Knights of the Old Republic.

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Episode 86 – Q&A The Gathering

This week in Q&A Quest, some kind listener gives Wheels the chance to talk about trading card games. We also discuss the future potential of turn-based RPGs thanks to Octopath Traveler’s success.