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Histories of the Emblem

The Fire Emblem series has gone from near death to massive success over the course of the last generation. Cassandra and Josh take an in-depth look at the recent entries that revived the franchise and ruminate on the series’ future on the Switch.


Spoiler Warning: Memorable Moments from the Last 20 Years

RPGs have been providing more than their fair share of memorable moments for many years now. As part of celebrating both RPGamer’s new site and twentieth anniversary, we took a look back at some of the unforgettable events and sequences that they have provided throughout that time, and would also like to hear those of our readers.


For the King Interview

IronOak Games’ debut title For the King arrives on PC and Mac next month, with a console release coming next year. RPGamer was given the chance to put some questions to the developer about the game and its combination of turn-based board-game-esque strategy and roguelike elements.


RPGamer’s Best of 2017 Awards

Whether you were looking for a sequel to a long-running series that improved on the tried-and-true formula or a take that reinvigorated the series, 2017 had it to offer. After taking our traditional month off, unbound by deadlines, to digest these RPGs, the RPGamer staff has voted and tallied up our Best of 2017.


Backloggin’ the Year, All Year Long

We all have too many games to play. It’s easy to accumulate more titles than you can play. Backloggin’ the Year is an event that will motivate you to crush your backlog and feel accomplished. How many games do you hope to knock out in 2018?