Author: Alex Fuller

Tales of Crestoria Release Pushed Back Further

Tales of Crestoria has been pushed back a bit further. There is currently no new release window for the game as Bandai Namco aims to make final adjustments and fix issues uncovered during its beta test.

Digital Store Weekly Round-Up (June 4, 2020)

This week’s releases features a couple of space-y titles as The Outer Worlds hits Switch, while Depth of Extinction arrives on Xbox One and Switch. Some new and current sales are also available.

Path of Exile Harvests New Expansion This Month

Grinding Gear Games’ newest expansion for Path of Exile hits this month. Harvest looks to change up the game’s usual reward system by giving players the chance to craft their own powerful items, while doing a spot of gardening.

Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Date, Details Announced

The Pokémon Company provided a release date for the first part of Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Expansion Pass. It also provided new details about what players will find on the Isle of Armor this month, as well as in the Crown Tundra later in the year.

RPGamer Round-Up: May 24 – May 31

A busier week rounds off May on RPGamer with a review for Bug Fables, a new video review, a Phantasy Star Online 2-focused editorial, and RPG Elements column. Meanwhile, the news features a summary of the Wholesome Direct, new announcements for a Dragon quest spin-off, and a Crystal Chornicles release date.

Terra Battle Ending Service in June

After running for nearly six years, Mistwalker’s Terra Battle is shutting down service in June. The studio is currently working on Apple Arcade title Fantasian.

Harvest Moon: One World Confirmed for PS4

Natsume’s latest Harvest Moon title will be coming to PS4 as well as Switch. The game, which sees players going on an adventure to restore lost crops, is set to arrive this fall.