Author: Alex Fuller

RPGamer Round-Up: February 16 – February 23

The last week on RPGamer saw a trio of new reviews, a new Adventure Corner, and an impression for World of Horror. It’s a somewhat lower-key week for news, but there are still plenty of smaller things across the RPG spectrum.

Othercide Set to Release in Summer

Focus Home Interactive and Lightbulb Crew have announced tactical RPG Othercide. The game, and its striking white, black, and red motif, will launch on PC and consoles this summer.

Hellpoint Sequel Chapter Released for Free

Despite Hellpoint not actually being out yet, publisher tinyBuild and developer Cradle Games have released a sequel chapter. Hellpoint: The Thespian Feast is a standalone chapter with a new protagonist set several year after the main game, which is set to arrive in April.

Death end re;Quest 2 Getting Western Release

Death end re;Quest 2 launched in Japan last week. Idea Factory International confirmed that it will also be launching in North America and Europe, though there is currently only a general 2020 release window.

Digital Store Weekly Round-Up (February 20, 2020)

Conglomerate 451, Corruption 2029, the Kunio-kun bundle, and Katana Kami all make their debuts this week. Meanwhile, the Kingdom Hearts HD packs release on Xbox One and there are some new sales available.

Element: Space Hits Consoles in March

Tactical sci-fi RPG Element: Space has been given a console release date. RPGamers will be able to join up with spacecraft captain Christopher Pietham and his squad on PS4 and Xbox One in March.

Morgana Gives Crash Course on Persona 5 Royal

In the latest Persona 5 Royal trailer, Morgana gives newcomer Kasumi a crash course on the game and its new additions. RPGamers have a little over a month before they join back up with the Phantom Thieves.

Little Town Hero Big Idea Edition Releasing in June

NIS America revealed that the physical edition of Game Freak’s Little Town Hero will be arriving in North America and Europe in June. In addition to the previously-confirmed Switch version, there will also be a PlayStation 4 version, with both currently available to pre-order.

Gothic Remake to Enter Production

THQ Nordic has looked over the feedback given for the playable teaser of a potential Gothic remake. The response was positive enough for full production to begin, though it will take a little while for the remake to arrive.

First Outward DLC Announced

2019 survival action RPG Outward is getting its first DLC pack. The Soroboreans will add new enchanting and corruption systems when it launches in spring.