Author: Alex Fuller

Minecraft Dungeons to Launch in May

Minecraft Dungeons will bring some blocky co-op action when it launches in May. Mojang also released a new developer diary talking about the lore of the game.

The Waylanders’ Roster Introduced

Gato Salvaje Studio has introduced the nine potential party members in its upcoming title The Waylanders. The game is expected to hit Steam Early Access this summer.

RPGamer Round-Up: March 22 – March 29

A quieter editorial week still includes a new review for Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition and an Adventure Corner. However, the news has picked up the slack, led by a brand new and packed Nintendo Direct Mini.

Digital Store Weekly Round-Up (March 26, 2020)

New releases this week include Iron Danger, Ara Fell: Definitive Edition, Trails of Cold Steel’s PC version, Element: Space’s console editions, and more. The sales front features a mixture of new and continued offerings.