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Cassandra joined RPGamer in February 2011, starting out in News & Media. She is currently head forum administrator and still wants to help news posting, but needs to find the time to do so.
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science fiction
various fields of science
skepticism and humanism

Sailor Moon
Haibanei Renmei
I My Me! Strawberry Eggs
Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

Tales of Symphonia
The World End with You
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I've been visiting RPGamer for many years now, first drawn by news and screenshots, staying for Q&A and the forums. When a hiring call went out in 2011, and I had more time on my hands as I had just finished college, I jumped at the chance to join.

I am Cassandra, known around the forums as Strawberry Eggs. I'm currently the main administrator on the forums and on rare occasion write news. Sadly, my current line of work at a large OB/GYN practice as well as taking care of my parents has left me with little free time these days. I have written a number of reviews and am the occasional guest on the RPG Backtrack and popped in once or twice on some of our other podcasts. I'd like to think I'm a good writer, or at least a competent one.

I've been entranced by video games since I was four, watching my older cousins play Super Mario Bros. on the NES. I didn't get my own system until the Game Boy Pocket when I was nine. I mostly played platformers and the occasional puzzle game until 1998, when I was introduced to Pokemon Red. Strangely, that didn't start my love of RPGs, as I only played Pokemon Gold/Crystal and Paper Mario afterwards. That didn't start until 2003, when I got my hands on Phantasy Star Online: Episodes I & II. From there I've played RPGs almost exclusively. Though I've played console/JRPGs almost exclusively up to this point, I'm willing to give anything a shot and have been meaning to try out western/PC RPGs. Well, more WRPGs than Ultima IV, anyway.

Other random bits info on me: I love anime and read manga as well as fantasy novels, though I'll read just about anything. I just love to learn things in general, as I dabble in history, science, religions, mythology, and so forth. I can be a bit of a know-it-all, heh.