Current Staff

The following shows the staff of RPGamer and their relevant positions. Staff members are not beholden to their main roles and may participate in additional ways.

Name Position Contact Links
Chris Privitere Owner,
RPGCast Producer

Anna Marie Privitere Administration,
Advertising, Stream Team

Old Reviews
Admin and Senior Content
Name Position Contact Links
Alex Fuller Editor-in-Chief, PR
Old Reviews
Pascal Tekaia Duty Editor E-mail Old Reviews
Sam Wachter Operations Manager Old Reviews
Joshua Carpenter Features and Editorials Director
Old Reviews


Glenn Wilson Senior Awards Editor Old Reviews
Elmon Dean Todd Reviewer
Gabriele Malacasa Reviewer
Jervon Perkins Reviewer,
Luis Mauricio Reviewer
Matt Masem Reviewer,
RPG Backtrack Host
Michael Baker Reviewer,
Japandemonium Columnist
Old Reviews
Mike Moehnke Reviewer Old Reviews
Paul Shkreli Reviewer
Ryan Costa Reviewer
Ryan McCarthy Reviewer
Scott Wachter Reviewer,
Former Tabletop RPG News Editor
Old Reviews
Trent Gleason Reviewer,
Zach Welhouse Reviewer
Old Reviews
Zack Webster Reviewer,
News & Media
Old Reviews
Erik van Asselt Editorialist, Stream Team
Jason McFadden Editorialist
Michael Porter Editorialist
Johnathan Stringer Interviewer
Andy Mangrum News & Media
Ryan Radcliff News & Media, Stream Team
Robert Sinclair News & Media Old Reviews
Corey “Loffter” Scoggins Lead Video Editor/Director
Podcasts / Community
Name Position Contact Links
Michael Apps Q&A Podcast Host Old Reviews
Phillip Willis Stream Team Lead Old Reviews
David McBurney Podcaster
Kelley Ryan RPG Backtrack Host
Cassandra Ramos Lead Community Administrator,
News & Media

Old Reviews
Robert Albright Community Administrator, Stream Team
Christian Dextraze Community Administrator
Name Position Contact Links
Sarah McGarr Graphic Artist,
Content Editor
Charalampos (Harry) Papadimitriou Lead Developer GitHub Pages
In Memoriam
Years Active
Andrew Long Former Editor-in-Chief 2000-2011
Michael A. Cunningham Former Editor-in-Chief 2006-2018