Volunteer Applications

Please note that all positions at RPGamer are voluntary and unpaid.

If you’re looking to break into the gaming industry or have a strong affinity for the RPG genre and a love for writing, then RPGamer may be the ideal place for you. RPGamer is constantly looking to expand and improve upon its core team in a variety of areas and to give our readers and community the opportunity to join our team and help create more RPG-focused content for others to enjoy.

RPGamer is a strictly volunteer-run site and all positions are currently unpaid, but this isn’t to say that working here is without other rewards. Those writing for the site are encouraged to go about it as professional a manner as possible, letting its writers have their content be read by a wide audience and the most renowned video game companies in the industry, and the site always aims to provide feedback to help its writers improve. Volunteering here is an excellent way to break into the gaming world; many of our former staff have gone on to work with development houses and media outlets both in the US and abroad.

  • Please note that you must be at least 18 years old to apply. Sorry, no exceptions.
  • Applicants will need to be self-motivated and able to work autonomously. If you are unable to work without constant supervision then RPGamer is probably not the place for you.
  • No experience is required to join RPGamer, but certain positions do require a writing sample.

Current Openings

Role Status Contact
Internal Development
Content Maintenance Accepting Inquiries severinmira@rpgamer.com
Programmer Not Hiring N/A
Designer Not Hiring N/A
News & Media Recruiting severinmira@rpgamer.com
Features Writer / Organiser Recruiting
(Writing Sample Required)
Specialist Columns
(e.g. music reviews, please state planned specialty in application)
(Writing Sample Required)
Reviews and Impressions Recruiting
(Writing Sample Required)
Stream Team* Recruiting jcservant@rpgamer.com / pawsrpg@rpgamer.com
Social Media Accepting Inquiries severinmira@rpgamer.com


RPGamer has traditionally been flexible in its handling of roles. Though we expect volunteers to focus primarily on their hired role initially to build up their skills and familiarity with how the site operates, they are welcome to try branching out into other areas, while many major features are open for everyone to participate in regardless of position.

How to Apply

Please see here for specific details regarding streaming positions. For all other positions please fill out the form accessible through the button below.

Certain indicated positions require a writing sample, which it is preferred to have included with your application. Samples do not need to adhere to our guidelines and are used primarily to give an indication of willingness to put in necessary effort for the position and the likely amount of training needed. You may wish to prepare any samples in advance of filling out the form (links to articles posted elsewhere are accepted for sample purposes).

Additional Guidelines

Applicants will need to be self-motivated and able to work autonomously. If you are unable to work without constant supervision then RPGamer is probably not the place for you. In addition to creating their own content, all staff members are expected to assist others by proof-reading their articles. Successful applicants will also need to adhere to RPGamer’s internal policies with respect to NDAs and accuracy of reporting. You must be willing to accept feedback and make adjustments or rewrites as necessary based on that feedback. Feedback is always given with the goal of improving your content as well as eliminating any errors. No one’s reviews are perfect, even those experienced reviewers who undergo the most rigorous self-proofing endeavours!

Expected frequency of articles (please note that these are guidelines and not strictly enforced):

  • News and Media Updaters — Expected to produce at least two-to-four news articles per week. Press releases, media, and story sources will generally be provided. Please note that RPGamer does not report rumours or leaks and does not speculate in news articles.
  • Columnists / Editorialists — Expected to produce one such article every one-to-two months.
  • Reviewers — Expected to produce roughly one review every month. Review length is generally aimed at 1200-1800 words but is permitted to extend either that of that range on individual bases.

If you have any questions regarding the roles or feel you could help in a way not listed above, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!