RPGamer Latest Updates

For The King II Announced

Curve Games and IronOak Studios announced a follow-up to strategy RPG/board game hybrid For The King. For The King II is expected to launch for PC next year.

Crystarise Releasing in October

Crystarise is a game combining city-building, open-world exploration, and action RPG combat. Japanese developer YUKIUSAGI Games plans to release it this October.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Shows More Weapons

Capcom released the remaining eight Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak weapon trailers. The videos show new moves for the Hunting Horn, Bow, Charge Blade, Gunlance, Lance, Long Sword, Light Bowgun, and Dual Blades/

Codename: Wandering Sword Announced

A Chinese studio is developing an RPG with a similar graphical style to Square Enix’s HD-2D titles called Codename: Wandering Sword. Along with it’s cozy graphics, the game sports multiple combat styles, and is set in ancient China.

Banchou Tactics Announced

Flyhigh Works and Secret Character’s Banchou Tactics is set to release on PC next year. The tactical RPG puts players in a conflict between high school delinquents.

Half-Baked Girls Announced

Half-Baked Girls is a curiously-titled supernatural RPG from Japanese indie developer Mistrole. It is in development for PC and follows two girls trapped in a haunted mansion.

Jack Move Prologue Demo Released

A free prologue demo is available on Steam for cyberpunk RPG Jack Move. The full game is planned to launch later this year on PC, Mac, and consoles.

Meg’s Monster Announced

Developer Odencat announced pixel-graphic RPG Meg’s Monster. The game puts players in control of a powerful monster who must defeat enemies while ensuring their young charge doesn’t cry.

RPGamer Round-Up: May 15 – May 22

This week’s RPGamer content includes reviews for Loot River and Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. We also have an impression for Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, a Touken Ranbu Warriors interview, the return of JRPG Study Time, and all of the latest RPG news.