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Astral Chain Review

PlatinumGames returns with a brand new title on Nintendo Switch. Astral Chain sees players take on the role of a police officer trying to protect what remains of humanity from an extra-dimensional invasion.

Atelier Ryza Gets New Media, Details

Koei Tecmo and Gust have come out of TGS with more media for Atelier Ryza. The new screenshots and trailer come with some information about the game’s premise and the titular customiseable hideout.

Mistover Gets New Gameplay Trailer

Mistover received a new trailer to mark the start of digital pre-orders for the game. The new video showcases the game’s dungeon-crawling elements as well as some of the skills players have at their disposal.

RPGs Release Alongside Apple Arcade

Apple’s new Apple Arcade subscription gaming service has launched. Joining the service are four new RPGs: Cat Quest II, Oceanhorn 2, Exist the Gungeon, and Various Daylife.

The Baron Run the Underworld in Bloodlines 2

With eyes and ears all over the city, the Baron act as its violent and brutal underbelly. It’s Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, it’s probably worth your while to stay on their good side or stay out of their way.

Zenith Heads to Switch Digitally Tomorrow

Exactly three years after launching on other platforms, Zenith makes its way to the Nintendo Switch. It heads to the eShops with a physical edition planned for a later date.

Digital Store Weekly Round-Up (September 19, 2019)

Leading this week’s new releases are the Link’s Awakening remake and Ni no Kuni remaster, followed closely by Puzzle Quest, Reel Fishing: Road Trip Adventure, and Rain of Reflections. Meanwhile, there are some new entries for the September sales.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission Review

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission showers its audience with a torrent of fan service, such as a fusion between Gohan and Trunks, or a Super Saiyan 4 transformation with Gohan or Bardock. The release on the Nintendo Switch brings Japan’s popular arcade card game into the living room or on the go.

Disco Elysium Launching in October

ZA/UM’s urban fantasy, detective noir RPG Disco Elysium now has a firm release date. Players will begin their investigations in the seaside town of Revachol this October.

Sunless Skies Interview

PAX has come and gone, but its legend lives on in a head-to-head with Hannah Flynn, communications director for Failbetter Games. Roving reporter Zach’s interview contains all the news we choo-choo-choose to print about Sunless Skies, inspirational interns, and complicated canon.