RPGamer Latest Updates


Majula Frontier Soundtrack Giveaway

RPGamer has teamed up with Scarlet Moon Records to give away a digital copy of Dale North’s soundtrack to Majula Frontier to five lucky readers. There are various ways to enter, with entries accepted until 12pm Eastern on Friday.


Lapis Re Abyss Receives New Trailer

Nippon Ichi Software has released the second official trailer for Lapis Re Abyss. The newest video focuses on combat, with RPGamers able to see how it stacks up.


Metal Max Xeno Review

Metal Max is an intriguing concept for an RPG, centered around vehicular tank combat in a blasted post-apocalyptic urban setting. Western audiences haven’t seen much of this series in the past, and Xeno’s awkward narrative and obtuse technical systems aren’t going to change that anytime soon.


Disgaea 1 Complete Review

Disgaea 1 Complete adds little as far as new content goes, but the classic gameplay and story return. Does it hold up after all these years, or is it merely just a fresh paint job slapped onto a vintage title that shows its age?


RPG Backtrack Episode 195: Old Wave

Developers were once consumed by the need to push technological prowess as much as possible, but in recent years a smorgasbord of titles that evoke earlier generations has been created. We here tackle a hefty helping of this sort of RPG, using a lineup that varies wildly in style and quality.


Child of Light Arrives on Switch

A number of titles have made their way to Switch this week. Ubisoft’s award-winning Child of Light is one of them, with its release on the Switch coming with a new trailer.


Chasm Out Now on Switch

Bit Kid, Inc.’s action-platforming RPG Chasm is now available on Nintendo Switch. The new version joins those originally released on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita earlier this year.


New Game Plus Added to Moonlighter

Want more Moonlighter? The PC version is getting a free update that adds new weapons, items, New Game Plus mode, and many other quality of life improvements.