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Death’s Gambit E3 Impression

This year’s E3 had more than its share of Metroidvanias and Souls-likes, but don’t let that fool you. When handled properly, especially when combined with appealing pixel art, the result can be special. Death’s Gambit just may be one of those times.


Code Vein E3 Impression 3

Code Vein is looking to be the anime Dark Souls, or maybe it’s the Dark Souls of anime games? Whichever descriptor works best, RPGamer had some hands-on time with Bandai Namco’s game to determine where it falls on the Soulsborne spectrum.


The Lost Child E3 Impression

The Lost Child arrives in North America in only a couple days, and RPGamer got to try it out a few days before it’s official launch. See what’s in store for those who want to dive into the life of an occult reporter who sees a little too much of the world around him.


My Time at Portia E3 Impression 2

My Time at Portia’s calm and collected relaxation gameplay works doubly well at a bustling event like E3. We got to take a break from chaos to check out this upcoming simulation RPG, and once we were in, it quickly became hard to detach ourselves again.