Author: Pascal Tekaia

Code Vein Injected with Gameplay Video

After a delay, the new game from the team behind God Eater is set for a 2019 release. New gameplay footage shows off bosses, weapon variety, combat partners, and the character creator.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Gets First Trailer

With so many recent Final Fantasy remasters out on new consoles, the time is ripe for an official tease of what the fans really want. With E3 only a month away, Final Fantasy VII Remake gets an official trailer.

New Video Features Voice of Judgment

A behind-the-scenes video lets players visit the English actor who will be bringing Judgment’s protagonist to life. Takayuki Yagami will be on the case in Kamurocho this June.

Druidstone Gets Release Date

Ctrl Alt Ninja’s tactical RPG has received an official release date. Those who pre-order will receive a discount, as well as some bonus goodies.

Slay the Spire Coming to PS4

The PS4 will soon have an assortment of spires in need of slaying. MegaCrit’s deck-building RPG is making its first move to home consoles in May of this year.

Darksiders Rides Again on Switch

War rides again, this time onto Nintendo Switch. Caught in a battle between Heaven and Hell, the first of the Four Horsemen mounts up for battle once more.

War Theatre Deep Look

War Theatre wants to recruit YOU to serve on the front lines of tactical combat. Unfortunately, its lack of user-friendly design earns it a dishonorable discharge, post-haste.

Gearbox Announces Borderlands 3

The original looter shooter returns. On April 3, fans will get the first official information regarding the next installment in the series, as well as complete and upgraded collections of all three previous iterations.

Kingdom Come Delivers Definitive Bundle

Those waiting for the right moment to dive into the historical open-world RPG Kingdom Come Deliverance have received the news they’ve been waiting for. The new Royal Edition comes complete with all available DLC.

Mistover Gets PAX East Trailer

Mistover has been confirmed to head to the PC and Switch. Meanwhile, a new trailer with some first-time gameplay footage introduces the game to a PAX-going audience of gamers.