Category: Deep Looks

Deep Looks act as review substitutes for games that do not meet our criteria for being fully-scored reviews (such as being DLC or the game not being completed for whatever reason).

Sovereign Syndicate Deep Look

Once within a city dreary, soot-filled, steam-bound, and quite weary, did three trudge the cobblestones. What fate of card shall bring them toward the truth of mystery and thus reward, or leave them scattered amidst the bones?

Little Goody Two Shoes Deep Look

Little Goody Two Shoes is a fascinating combination of dark fairy tale horror with time management and dating sim elements. Its excellent style and creeping dread is somewhat tempered by its barriers to progress, however.

WrestleQuest Deep Look

WrestleQuest’s blend of turn-based RPG, toy box world, and professional wrestling gives it cause to attract interest. Unfortunately, its execution doesn’t really live up to the hype.

Souls of Chronos Deep Look

An isometric action RPG about two characters caught between the conflict between two rival gangs is the debut game from FUTU Studio. A few interesting ideas are letdown by the lackluster execution.

Airoheart Deep Look

Airoheart is the latest title to take advantage of the top-down action adventure revival. However, a lack of polish and anything new limit its likely audience.

Mary Skelter Finale Deep Look

The Mary Skelter trilogy is complete with the release of Mary Skelter Finale, which comes with a ready way for newcomers to get caught up on events. However, with dense systems and unbalanced pacing, it’s definitely one for the fans.

Roguebook Deep Look

Trapped inside a magic book, the only way out is to deck build. Abrakam Entertainment and Richard Garfield construct a clever roguelike that pushes against genre conventions in some interesting ways.

Loop Hero Deep Look

Four Quarters’ nifty rogue-lite RPG is a fascinating little title with a lot hiding under the surface. Even though it doesn’t all quite come together, it’s an interesting game well worth checking out.