Author: Zack Webster


Biomutant Spends Some Time in the Sun

Not too much information has arrived on the Biomutant front recently, but a new trailer has dropped to show off some gameplay. Prepare for a very weird apocalypse.


Mutant Year Zero Reveals Farrow

The crew of Mutant Year Zero have a new ally to show off, one who specializes in a quiet but deadly approach. Now the party has a duck, a warthog, and a fox.


Pathfinder: Kingmaker Gains a Season Pass

A couple of months have passed since Pathfinder: Kingmaker’s launch and the DLC is getting ready to go. A new season pass will net players all-new content arriving over the coming months.


Persona 3 and 5 Dancing to Some Demos

The record isn’t quite ready to drop, but Atlus is releasing some singles ahead of the pair of Persona Dancing titles. PlayStation 4 owners can jam to them now.


Fallout 76 Gets Spooky

Halloween may be gone now but some scares still linger. Hear how the good folks of Vault 76 gave themselves some scares during their confinement.