Author: Zack Webster

Sunless Skies Goes Wayfaring

A new content patch for Sunless Skies adds plenty of more exploration but also a few new wrinkles to rest of the game. Time to ready the crew.

Borderlands 3 Release Date, Editions Revealed

A few days after its announcement, and already there’s a release date for Borderlands 3. People will be shooting their way across the planet before the year is over.

SteamWorld Quest Finds Release Date

SteamWorld Quest is almost here, and interested players have a release date to look forward to. Switch owners will witness the Hand of Gilgamech in less than a month.

Mutant Year Zero Coming to Switch

Even when the apocalypse rolls around, the Switch will still be getting new games. Mutant Year Zero comes to the console alongside a just-announced expansion and physical version.

Persona Q2 Tells Its Story

The cast of Persona 5 finds themselves in a sticky situation, but the helpful members of Persona 4 and Persona 3 are there to help. Sounds like this dungeon will be a little crowded.

The Division 2 Prepares for Launch

There’s just one week left before The Division 2 is deployed, so here’s a launch trailer. Its arrival is a little earlier for those who pre-order certain editions.