Tactical RPG Hexxen: Hunters Announced

Hooded Horse has announced Hexxen: Hunters, an upcoming dark fantasy tactical RPG. Developed by Ulisses Spiele Digital and based off the tabletop role-playing game Hexxen: 1773, the game puts players in control of a group of Hunters in the late 18th century as they hunt supernatural horrors.

In Hexxen: Hunters, players will swap between real-time exploration and turn-based tactical battles. Between excursions to fight off monsters, they will return to a central village that can be upgraded to better assist the player in their battle against the forces of Hell. There players will be able to study monsters to learn their weaknesses and strategies, craft and upgrade materials, and heal up from the previous excursion. Hexxen: Hunters is set to release for PC in Early Access on Steam and the Epic Games Store in 2024.


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