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RPGamer’s Best of 2020 Awards

In a tough year for many, video games helped provide plenty of much-needed solace, enjoyment, and heart. After taking our usual few weeks to fully digest the past year’s releases, RPGamer is proud to present our Best of 2020 awards.

RPGamer’s Best of 2019 Awards

2019 is in the books after giving us another year full to the brim with top-quality RPGs. After taking a few weeks to assess everything and tally up the votes, the RPGamer staff is ready to share our Best of 2019 Awards. Please enjoy.

RPGamer’s Best of 2017 Awards

Whether you were looking for a sequel to a long-running series that improved on the tried-and-true formula or a take that reinvigorated the series, 2017 had it to offer. After taking our traditional month off, unbound by deadlines, to digest these RPGs, the RPGamer staff has voted and tallied up our Best of 2017.