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Kickstarter Check-In: Stoneshard, Steamboat Billy

RPGamer’s ad hoc Kickstarter Check-In feature returns for a look at two ongoing crowdfunding campaigns. This edition features Ink Stains Games’ Stoneshard and ManaVoid Entertainment’s Steamboat Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan.


Utawarerumono Zan Receives First Footage, Japanese Date

Aquaplus is branching out from its usual fare with an action game, though it is still staying in the world of Utawarerumono. RPGamers can also catch Haku, Kuon, and others in gameplay clips that seem vaguely similar to a certain prolific series.


Indivisible Delayed to 2019

Another game being pushed back into next year is Lab Zero Games’ Indivisible. On the plus side, a Backer Beta will be available in time for E3.


Shenmue III Release Pushed Back to 2019

In news that won’t come as too much of a surprise, Shenmue III’s release has been pushed back. At least it gives players more time to remind themselves of events through the upcoming remasters of the previous games.


Wizard of Legend Also Launches

Wizard of Legend joins many other games in offering a release trailer this week. Of all the launches in the short period of time, this one is on the most platforms.


Omensight Arrives on PC, PS4

From the developer of Stories: The Path of Destinies comes Omensight, a cross between action-adventure and murder-mystery. The game is available now on PC and PS4, attempting to stand out in a busy week of releases.


Battle Chasers Now Available on Switch

After having chased battle across several other platforms, the characters of Battle Chasers have finally arrived on the Nintendo Switch. Hopefully, but doubtfully, they are not out of breath.