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Azur Lane: Crosswave Release Dates Set

Idea Factory has confirmed the release dates for naval 3D shooter RPG Azur Lane: Crosswave. It also showed off some more characters, with Neptunia joining the roster as bonus DLC.

Hades Gets Long Winter Update

Hades is opening the year with a giant new update. In addition to the goddess Demeter, a ton of new items, including a fishing rod, have been added to the game.

Azur Lane: Crosswave’s Fleet Expands Further

Additional fleet members have been revealed for Azur Lane: Crosswave. In addition to images showing Javelin, Z23, St. Louis, Abukuma, Amazon, and Arizona, there are also some details about the modes available in the game.

Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind Gets Some New Screenshots

In addition to new story content, Kingdom Hearts III’s Re Mind DLC will add some new features to the game. Some new screenshots show new photo modes as well as some of the restrictions players can place on themselves in the name of a challenge.

Snack World Trailer Invites Viewers to Get Looting

Snack World: The dungeon Crawl Gold is coming to Nintendo Switch next month. Nintendo put out a new trailer giving a quick look at the game’s character customisation, combat, exploration, loot, and multiplayer.

Utawarerumono PC Prices Revealed

With the pair of Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception and Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth nearly ready for their PC releases, the pricing for both titles has been announced. A new trailer was also released on the game’s Steam page.

Fates of Ort Plans for a March Release

Time is frozen when the hero stands still, but that isn’t preventing the world of Ort from crumbling. To save the land, the chosen one must use strategy and cunning before he runs out of time.

RPGamer Round-Up: January 12 – January 19

It was a fully news-focused week on RPGamer. A couple of major releases received delays, a new expansion to one of last year’s top games was announced, a long-running MMORPG is planning another year’s worth of content, NIS America provided several announcements at PAX South, and more.