Lords of the Fallen Master of Fate Update Revealed

Developer CI Games released a new free update for its action RPG Lords of the Fallen. The version 1.5 “Master of Fate” update adds new content while coming with stability improvement, optimisation, significant performance, game balancing, several QoL, and more. The additional content and changes include:

  • New questlines: Season of the Bleak, Trial of the Three Spirits, and Way of the Bucket
  • New sets of equipment
  • Additional secret boss weapon abilities
  • Additional attacks for bosses and changes in their AI behavior
  • Twelve new spells
  • New grievous strikes, each weapon family now featuring two unique finishers: one for single-handed wielding and another for two-handed wielding
  • Three new projectiles: Blood Vomit, Explosive Mines, and Frost Worms.

In addition, the Master of Fate update features the Advanced Game Modifier System, allowing players to customise how they experience the game thanks to seven parameters. Among these parameters are the options to reduce the number of enemies encountered, randomise these enemies’ appearance, and even enable a permadeath mechanic. For the celebration of the Master of Fate’s launch, the Deluxe Edition of Lords of the Fallen is currently available on the PlayStation Store at the discounted price of 50% until May 8, 2024. Starting on April 29, 2024, the same discount will be offered to Steam users as part of CI Games’ Steam Publisher Sale.

Lords of the Fallen is set a thousand years after the events of the original 2014 game and released for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S in October 2023. The game sees players becoming the bearer of an ancient lamp and joining the Dark Crusaders. They must use the lamp to restore radiance to the land’s five beacons to put a stop to the demon God Adyr’s uprising. Those looking to read more about the game can check out Pascal Tekaia’s review of its PlayStation 5 version.



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