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Jin Conception Announced

Jin Wave Studio’s Jin Conception is billed as a social deduction fantasy thriller turn-based JRPG. The game is expected to launch later this year.

Neptunia Virtual Stars Debuting in March

Idea Factory International announced western release dates for Neptunia Virtual Stars. The game will arrive in March, with the publisher releasing some new media showing its combat.

Loop Hero Impression

The world is facing complete erasure at the hands of a lich, and only the hero can pick up the broken pieces. Despite the dire setting, Loop Hero is shaping up to be quite a treat: who would’ve thought that running in circles with playing cards could be so fun?

Outriders Delayed, Demo Announced

Outriders slips a couple of months into April. However, that doesn’t mean players won’t get a chance to try it out soon, as a demo will be available in February.

Ocean’s Heart Launching This Month

Top-down adventure RPG Ocean’s Heart has a release date. The game, from publisher Nordcurrent and developer Max Mraz, will launch for PC in a couple of weeks.

Arcante Review

Arcante revisits the first-person, party-based fantasy RPGs of the ’80s and ’90s. Does it revitalise this niche genre, or does its ambition fall short?

Skellboy Rises on PC, Mac, Linux in January

UmaikiGames’ action RPG Skellboy is coming to PC, Mac, and Linux next month. The Refractured edition will come with new content and game modes, which will also be added to the Switch version.