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AI LIMIT Interview

Sense Games’s debut title AI LIMIT is set to launch for PC and PS5 later this year. RPGamer was given the opportunity to ask producer Yang Bin some questions about the inspirations and ideas behind the game.

Sword of Convallaria Gets Ready for Release

XD Games confirmed that tactical RPG Sword of Convallaria will release in the summer. The global launch announcement trailer details some of the plot and offers a better look at the combat mechanics and dialogue.

Anime-Inspired RPG Wander Stars Gets Story Trailer

A story reveal trailer for anime-influenced Wander Stars debuted at the 2024 Gaming PC Gaming Show. The video displays martial arts-like combat segments, dialogue between characters, and various locations across space.

Adventure Forge Preview

Game designer Jordan Weisman’s latest project, Adventure Forge, looks to give creators no-code tools to create their own narrative games. RPGamer was able to learn more from Jordan about its current and upcoming features, plus its release plans.