Metaphor: ReFantazio Launching in October; Gameplay, Editions Revealed

Atlus held a special showcase presentation for fantasy RPG Metaphor: ReFantazio, during which it announced that the game will release on October 11, 2024, for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. During the 25-minute presentation, viewable in full below, director Katsura Hashino demonstrated gameplay and provided further details on the game, with Atlus also revealing a Collector’s Edition and pre-order bonuses.

Metaphor: ReFantazio is created by the team behind Persona series and is set in the United Kingdom of Euchronia, which is made up of three constituent countries populated by eight different tribes. The game begins with its king assassinated. In order to fill the power vacuum, a special spell is cast that announces a tournament for the throne, where the person who has earned the most faith of the citizens as of the October Day of the Hero will be granted the throne. The protagonist, joined by the fairy Gallica, takes part in this contest while on his own journey to lift the curse that befell the crown prince ten years prior.



While the game features turn-based combat, exploration incorporates real-time attacking, dodging, and analysing elements. Gallica offers various abilities to help the protagonist, including being able to see what see can sense around her and for her to play music in the protagonist’s head. Players will be able to explore open areas and bustling cities, as well as use an armoured vehicle called a gauntlet runner to travel around the world. Players can also get around areas more quickly by riding on their sword in a similar manner to a skateboard, or using fast travel from the map. Within cities, players can visit recruitment centres to take on monster bounties. Players can also find weapon shops — with equipment playing a key role as players have greater customisation over their party than in previous Persona titles — as well as informants that provide information on dungeons, inns, and more.

Metaphor Re:Fantazio revolves around dates and time. This concept is reflected in travel, with journeys to different players taking up time and advancing the calendar. Players are free to to spend their time as they wish, but there is a set time frame to complete the current main story objective, and certain quests will have their own deadlines. The gauntlet runner also has its own facilities and activities , including a kitchen where the protagonist can cook with friends to make useful items, a common room where players can spend time with allies or read books.



The game’s combat makes use of a job system. Jobs are known as Archetypes and are acquired by confronting their anxiety and manifest their powers in different ways, with the party able to transform and take on the abilities of other Archetypes. For example, the Seeker is a good all-rounder in combat, the Mage is adept at hitting enemy weakness using magic, and the Thief is able to plunder resources from enemies.

While traversing dungeons, players can get a sense of the powers of nearby enemies. Blue-glowing foes are of a lower rank to the protagonist, and players can use the action options in exploration to instantly defeat these foes. However, those enemies that are more formidable will require a full squad battle with the entire party, with players that initiate the battle before being noticed will get a bonus first strike. during combat, players have a variety of skills and strategic options determined by their party loadout. Dungeons will be divided between main story dungeons and side dungeons associated with various quests. Finally, the game includes the Follower system, which focuses on the protagonist building bonds and allies as the game progresses. These Followers can grant the protagonist access to new Archetypes.



The game is available to pre-order physically in both a standard edition and a $149.99 Collector’s Edition. All pre-orders will receive access to the in-game Archetype EXP Chest Set and Adventurer’s Journey Pack. The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Copy of the standard edition for PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S
  • SteelBook case
  • Art book
  • Two-disc soundtrack
  • “Homo Tenta” metallic pins
  • Sticker sheet
  • Kingdom of Euchronia cloth map
  • “Atlus 35th Digital History” book
  • Two-disc “Atlus 35th Digital All-Time Best” soundtrack
  • “Costume & Battle BGM” set DLC



“The King’s Trial” Trailer


Full Showcase


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