Author: Ryan Radcliff

Zenith Heads to Switch Digitally Tomorrow

Exactly three years after launching on other platforms, Zenith makes its way to the Nintendo Switch. It heads to the eShops with a physical edition planned for a later date.

Choose Your God with Rune II Trailer

When Ragnarok threatens the world, the god’s selected champion must venture out and put a stop to the end of days. Rune II allows players to select a deity to follow and have godlike powers bestowed upon them.

Darksiders Genesis Introduces War

The Horseman from the first Darksiders takes center stage in a new Genesis trailer. War joins his brother Strife as the two team up to stop the demon king Lucifer.

Fairy Tail RPG Announced

Get ready to party with Natsu, Lucy, and the rest of the Fairy Tale guild in a brand new adventure. Gust is currently developing a new RPG based on the popular manga and anime series.

Wheel of Fate Announced

A wheel that, when spun, changes the world’s progression entirely is something players can expect to find when Wheel of Fate comes out. UDX International’s upcoming game will be undergoing a Kickstarter campaign from next week.