Author: Ryan Radcliff

World of Warcraft Classic Available Now

The vintage battle between Horde and Alliance starts fresh as Blizzard launches World of Warcraft Classic today. Those who have an active subscription to the current game get access for free.

Persona 5 Royal Introduces Takuto Maruki

Takuto Maruki will join the cast of Persona 5 Royal as a student advisor. In addition to his role as a counselor at Shujin Academy, he also acts as a Confidant under the Consultant Arcana.

Killsquad Debuts Battle Arena

The Battle Arena will match the Killsquad bounty hunters against waves of seemingly unending foes. The rewards only get better the longer they can survive.

Dark Envoy Gamescom Trailer Shows Off Gameplay

Event Horizon has a new trailer out for Dark Envoy focusing on the gameplay. The game features a Player vs. World mode that pits player against player, with one of them acting as the final boss.

The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes Announced

The Dark Eye series has a history spanning thirty-plus years. A brand new adventure is heading to PC, looking to encapsulate the world of Aventuria for modern audiences.