Author: Ryan Radcliff

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Adds Photo Mode

New sharing features are being added to Dragon Quest Builders 2. Snap photos, share pictures with the world, and create blueprints from other players with the added Bulletin Board.

New Eastward Gameplay Video

From the publisher of Stardew Valley comes Eastward, a post-apocalyptic tale. A miner and a mysterious girl must work together to uncover the secrets of her origin.

More Konosuba RPG Details Emerge

New info surfaces for the RPG spin-off of an anime that makes fun of RPG stereotypes. Konosuba has a lengthy title and will release next March in Japan.

New Tales of Vesperia Trailer Surfaces

A third japanese trailer for the upcoming Tales of Vesperia remaster has been released by Bandai Namco. The playable cast members get the spotlight as the game inches closer to a worldwide release.

Shadows: Awakening Gets DLC

A magical metal puppet companion and new mysteries await in Shadow: Awakening’s first DLC content. The Chromaton Chronicles adds creative elements to this action RPG.

Aeon of Sands Arrives on PCs in December

Life is tough in the arid world where Aeon of Sands takes place. Players can expect plenty perilous pixelated problems as they venture into the barren wastelands.

Disgaea 5 Available Now on PC

Enjoy Disgaea 5 with bonus content, additional special characters, and DLC classes. The off-the-wall strategy RPG is now available for the first time to PC players.

Moonlighter for Switch gets Release Date

Moonlighter lands on Switch in November. Meanwhile, the Switch and PlayStation 4 systems are getting a physical signature edition that comes with a squishy monster to take home.

New Game Plus Added to Moonlighter

Want more Moonlighter? The PC version is getting a free update that adds new weapons, items, New Game Plus mode, and many other quality of life improvements.

Hazelnut Bastille Gameplay Trailer

Aloft Studio is creating a retro-styled, Zelda-inspired adventure. Hazelnut Bastille is ready to scratch that ’90s nostalgia itch gamers have been craving to scratch.