Category: RPG Backtrack

The RPG Backtrack takes some lengthy strolls down memory lane to recall RPGs from the recent past all the way back to yesteryear. Co-hosts Kelley Ryan and Matt Masem lead a raucous group of panelists who all bring opinions both positive and negative to each week’s discussion.

RPG Backtrack 310 – Omicron Mons

This week’s RPG Backtrack discusses Nexomon and Nexomon Extinction, a pair of charming monster collecting games with a quirky sense of humor. Anna and Ryan Costa join the show this week to wrap up Monster Menagerie May.

RPG Backtrack 305 – Burn My Bread

Persona 3 defined the series as we know it today with its social links and high-school inspired setting.  Now that Persona 3 Reload is out, we thought it was time to dust off the Evokers and don our S.E.E.S. armband again. Mike and David both agree that Koromaru is the best boy on this week’s RPG Backtrack.

RPG Backtrack 304 – Go Outside, Touch Grace

With the newly announced DLC set to release this summer, now is the perfect time to have an Elden Ring retrospective.  Both Chris and Pascal were summoned to the show, but despite their high intelligence stats, they’re still unclear just how much George R.R. Martin was involved.

RPG Backtrack 303 – Love Is Chaos

We laughed at the trailer, made memes out of the cut scenes, and wondered what Tetsuya Nomura was thinking when he decided that the original Final Fantasy story need a dark take. But we have to ask, was Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin any good?

RPG Backtrack 302 – Get a Life

It’s time to get cozy on RPG Backtrack, with a delightful little game from Level-5.  Pull up a chair, grab some tea, and head into a new life with Matt, Cassandra, and Kell, as we chat about Fantasy Life on the 3DS.

RPG Backtrack 299 – Nahobino Bambino

On this week’s episode, we journey back to the realm of post apocalyptic Tokyo as we talk about Shin Megami Tensei V. Wheels and Ryan M. join the crew, on this exciting season finale of RPG Backtrack for 2023!

RPG Backtrack 294 – Quest for Candy

Spooky month is finally here!  It’s about time we celebrate a pair of adorable little RPGs from Double Fine.  Sam and Ryan M. don their favorite disguises with us to talk about Costume Quest 1 and 2.