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RPGamer’s Most Anticipated 2020 Games

As a prelude to our annual awards, which as usual should hit at the end of January, the RPGamer staff picked out many of the upcoming titles that they are most looking forward to. We hope you enjoy reading about our most anticipated games, and please let us know which ones you are most excited for.

RPG Music That Moved Us

We play games for their story and graphics, but what keeps popping up in our heads is the great music we heard over the decades. In this first edition, Erik, Lucas, Cassandra, Shannon, and Joe each pick a soundtrack that has made a lasting impression on them.

The JRPGL – Final

The final of the JRPGL is here. The division winners — Alltrades Abbey Apollos, Terra’s Terrors, Zenobia White Wolves, and Alrest Flamebringers — battle it out in a reader poll to determine the champion.

The JRPGL – Division 4

The first round of the JRPGL concludes with Division 4. Readers are invited to vote for their favourite party and decide which of the Alrest Flamebringers, Mist Summoners, Treno Troublemakers, and Narshe Novas progresses through to the finals.

The JRPGL – Division 3

The JRPGL continues with Division 3. Readers are invited to vote for their favourite party and decide which of the Rabanastre Rats, Unova Unison, Zenobia White Wolves, and Balamb Garden Breakfast Club progresses through to the finals.

Whatcha Playing: May 2019

It’s the end of May and Whatcha Playing is back to round up the games our staff is currently hooked on. Lots of monster collecting is going on between Yo-kai Watch and Pokémon: Let’s Go while South Park, RPG Maker, and Moero Chronicle Hyper are all competing for staffers’ game time.