Indie Submissions

The independent RPG scene is really impressive right now. Despite the large size of our regular coverage, we still wish to promote, review, and showcase independent talent. If you are interested in submitting an RPG for us to cover, here are some things to consider:

  • Coverage of independent RPGs will be selected by the news and review staff. We do not have the time nor the manpower to review every single indie title, and as such we will evaluate each submission on a case by case basis.
  • If submitting a crowdfunding campaign we strongly advise sending it to us at the start or during the early stages of the campaign. There is usually a few days’ lead time before we post Kickstarter articles so we are unlikely to post any coverage on campaigns that only have a few days remaining.
  • Some media and a link to an official website, ideally with a logo for your game, must be provided for the title in order for us to determine if it’s something we wish to cover. Please bear in mind that not every title submitted will be selected for coverage. Your concept or design document for an RPG is not enough.
  • No freeware or browser titles. This includes free-to-play MMORPGs, which we typically do not cover unless they are considered major releases.
  • There are many hybrid games available these day, including many that offer RPG elements. A puzzle game with a leveling mechanic is not what we’re looking for here.
  • Independent games, like all games we cover, may be reviewed by any active member of RPGamer’s staff, and there is no guarantee that a particular reviewer will play a particular game. Also, bear in mind that we review games to completion, which can be a time-consuming process. Do not hassle us via email in terms of when you will see a review. Considering the large number of games we review in the year with limited staff, major releases take priority.
  • No plagiarized content. This is more common in the RPG Maker scene, but will be monitored during the evaluation process. Do not use content from existing games and treat it as your own. If you’ve borrowed music or sprites from another game without permission and credit, we will deny coverage to your game.
  • Considering the quality and production values in a lot of indie RPGs, these games will be reviewed using the same review standards and scoring method as all other RPGs. For more information on our scoring definitions, click here.

While we wish we could cover every RPG that is released, it’s simply not possible. However, we still encourage all developers to submit their games, as many will be selected for coverage. If your game is selected, we will contact you, especially if we need more information. If you do not hear from us right away we encourage patience, especially during busy release periods. Some game evaluations may be delayed during these times, so we encourage you to submit during slower game release periods. A friendly email inquiring about the status of your submission is welcomed if nothing has been reported on your submission in fourteen days. Games which are very clearly not RPGs will not receive a response.

For those interested in submitting, please email with all attached information. Any game that is submitted without media or a link to a website with media will be rejected. Questions and comments can be directed to us via email.