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Phantom Doctrine Review

For a game based on espionage, the Cold War is certainly a fitting setting and one that Phantom Doctrine happily jumps into. It’s not as simple as East vs. West, however, with plenty of threads that need to be untangled.


Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass Review

Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass is a quirky, emotional game. Isn’t it time someone made a sub-genre to describe RPGs inspired by Earthbound, so reviewers wouldn’t always namedrop Earthbound? In this one, you can be a bear!


Yakuza Kiwami 2 Review

The Dragon of Dojima is back once again to play arcade games, run hostess clubs, and bash thugs with varying implements. Kiryu even gets a love interest in Kiwami 2, but who cares about that when there are tigers to fight!


Rainbow Skies Review

Contrary to common belief, in Rainbow Skies characters fight much better immediately after devouring huge helpings of food. This is just one of many interesting things that will be experienced in the world of Lunah.


Banner Saga 3 Review

It was the best of times and the worst of times. Sam Wachter has finished the Banner Saga trilogy. She cried like a baby, threw the controller a few times, and watched all her favourites die.


Vampyr Review

It’s 1918 and vampires are in. In London, that is. Is their return a triumphant one? Or will Vampyr be relegated to the history books?


Moonlighter Review

Tired of always playing as a rootless adventurer? Moonlighter offers the chance to stay put in your home town and run the shop you inherited from your grandpa. Don’t worry – there’s still plenty of adventuring to be done, too.


Hand of Fate 2 Review

Hand of Fate 2 is an accurate and bold recreation of a fantasy card game. However, authenticity aside, it jars as a video game due to its insurmountable randomness.


The Lost Child Review

Kadokawa Games’ follow-up-slash-spin-off to El Shaddai takes things in a rather different gameplay direction. Though the spirit-summoning dungeon-crawler invites some obvious comparisons, there are enough distinguishing elements to make it worth a look.


Cosmic Star Heroine Vita Review

Space isn’t the only final frontier in this solar system. Navigating the complex channels of bureaucracy and murder investigations are harder for this crew than just getting out of the atmosphere.