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Capes Review

Spitfire Interactive marks its debut with superhero tactical RPG Capes. While it aims to be in the big hero leagues, the game fits more in sidekick territory.

Dream Tactics Review

Dream Tactics takes players to the Dream World, where there are plenty of pillows to beat down in strategic battles. Solid combat and fun character interactions make the game an enjoyable experience.

Fallout Season One Review

Amazon Prime recently released season one of Fallout for viewers to enjoy. Is Lucy’s journey worth the price of admission? Or does the show give viewers uranium fever? (That’s done and got me doooooooown!)

Withering Rooms Review

Feeling scared and anxious while playing a horror title is always important. Moonless Formless’ Withering Rooms hits this ambience wonderfully, but can the roguelite gameplay match up in this 2.5D metroidvania?

Unicorn Overlord Review

After its foray into sci-fi, Vanillaware returns to fantasy with Unicorn Overlord. Blending together a wonderful presentation with a sense of pacing that fits all styles, this is a tactical RPG that shines brightly.

Born of Bread Review

WildArts Studio presents a witty and charming RPG full of character and creativity. But does the game rise to the challenge of is it merely half-baked?

Persona 3 Reload Review

The story of the S.E.E.S. returns revitalized in Persona 3 Reload. Its outstanding presentation and its quality-of-life additions make it the definitive edition of an acclaimed classic.