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The Lost Child Review

Kadokawa Games’ follow-up-slash-spin-off to El Shaddai takes things in a rather different gameplay direction. Though the spirit-summoning dungeon-crawler invites some obvious comparisons, there are enough distinguishing elements to make it worth a look.


Cosmic Star Heroine Vita Review

Space isn’t the only final frontier in this solar system. Navigating the complex channels of bureaucracy and murder investigations are harder for this crew than just getting out of the atmosphere.


West of Loathing Review

After bringing stick-figure adventures to Steam last year, Asymmetric Publications takes its Wild West Kingdom of Loathing spin-off to Switch. Fortunately, there’s a lot more to it than simply rummaging through filthy spittoons.


Smoke and Sacrifice Review

Solar Sail Games’ Smoke and Sacrifice sets up a dark, post-apocalyptic steampunk world where a mother fights for the life of the child that was stolen from her. Naturally, the next twenty hours should then be devoted to crafting quests.


Galaxy of Pen & Paper Review

Ever have “Ooh shiny!” syndrome? So do I! With this terrible disease comes forgetting to review a game from 2017 that you’ve had sitting on your computer for awhile. Does that make Galaxy of Pen & Paper a bad game? Let’s find out.


Masters of Anima Review

Masters of Anima brings a ton of creativity to the table. Take the role of Otto, a reluctant would-be Shaper, to save your fiancée Ana, and coincidentally the world, by summoning a never-ending army of guardians in this fresh take on RPG and RTS gameplay.


Tales of Aravorn: Cursed Lands Review

Indie developer Winter Wolves has released its latest fantasy visual novel-RPG hybrid. Cursed Lands returns to the setting of Aravorn, though goes back a few years before the events of Loren the Amazon Princess, and RPGamer journeyed back with it.


The Swords of Ditto Review

Life is hard on the island of Ditto, what with infestations of monsters and an evil witch who generally enjoys making the inhabitants suffer. Don’t worry: if you fail to put an end to Mormo’s dastardly reign, it’s the innocent island dwellers who are punished with a century of misery, not you.


The Alliance Alive Review

The Legend of Legacy gave SaGa fans a spiritual successor when it released in 2015, and The Alliance Alive looks to follow it up in 2018. Can this latest evolution find a new lease on life, or is it dead on arrival?


Defenders of Oasis Review

There weren’t many Game Gear RPGs that crossed the Pacific, but one that made the trip was set in Arabia. Defenders of Oasis isn’t a hot topic of conversation today, yet it’s still rather interesting to discuss.