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Orangeblood Review

What is the proper response to organized crime? This game strongly suggests that directly fighting the mob members is best, so don’t come to it for legal advice.

Everreach: Project Eden Review

Elder Games heads for the stars with sci-fi action RPG Everreach: Project Eden. The journey it takes players on isn’t a very long one, and this is one of those cases where that’s a blessing.

Blazer Drive Review

This year, Gaijin’s resolution is to get through that backlog of game reviews that he’s been sitting on since before the site upgrade. Here’s the first to arrive off the old typewriter.

Cthulhu Saves Christmas Review

Zeboyd has consistently done pixel art and solid turn-based battles well. Cthulhu Saves Christmas is no exception, proving to be a hilarious little breath of fresh winter air this holiday season.

Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones Review

Hardcore RPG enthusiasts, get ready for a trip to a dark and dismal Arkham to explore a great emulation of everything Lovecraftian horror has to offer. Cultic Games has crafted an entertaining narrative, but inexcusably dropped the ball in one major way.

Shenmue III Review

After an eighteen-year hiatus, Shenmue III has finally arrived, and Ryo Hazuki once again continues his journey through China in search of Lan Di. Will the long-awaited sequel live up to the hype and expectations?

The Executioner Deep Look

Lesser Evil Games set about to bring a wholly original idea to the gaming market. Those without a strong stomach need not apply, but will those with an iron constitution find a game worth pardoning?