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Hunt the Night Review

The world of Medhram is a dark, violent place facing an even darker, more violent future. Moonlight Games’ action RPG Hunt the Night takes on the oftentimes brutal task to save this world.

Ash of Gods: The Way Review

Ash of Gods: The Way is a follow-up to Ash of Gods: Redemption, focusing more on strategic deckbuilding. While it ultimately may not stick long in the memory, its varied battles make for good engagement.

Cassette Beasts Review

Cassette Beasts evokes memories of 1990s Pokémon titles, with a slight twist in the battle system. Though the game has some slight missteps, it’s generally an very enjoyable addition to the monster-collecting genre.

Redemption Reapers Review

Redemption Reapers is unyielding in its pessimism that spreads to the deep and enjoyable combat system in this tactical RPG from AdGlobe. Unfortunately, a barely there plot prevents it from being a miserable masterpiece.

Ravenlok Review

Ravenlok promises an Alice in Wonderland-esque adventure, complete with a distinctly charming voxel art style. The question is, does the game live up to that promise?

GrimGrimoire OnceMore Review

Keen to help a hero get out of an infinite loop? Join Lillet Blan as she attempts to save everyone from magic gone wrong in the remaster of the 2007 RTS-RPG GrimGrimoire.

Wild Hearts Review

EA, Koei Tecmo, and Omega Force release their wild side with a new hunter title. However, some of the biggest challenges in the game have nothing to do with the monsters.

Absinthia Review

Absinthia is an indie RPG with a buoyant soundtrack and charming graphical style. Boasting an LGBTQ+ cast and themes, this modern tale in a fantasy world drips with 16-bit era JRPG charm.