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The Hand of Merlin Review

Arthurian legends adaptations have to find a way to showcase something unique to stand out. The Hand of Merlin uses otherworldly sci-fi enemies, alien horror, and a killer soundtrack to provide an entertaining tactical roguelite.

Watcher Chronicles Review

Lured in by promises of combat and carnage in a 2D action Soulslike? Well, Watcher Chronicles delivers what it promises, but it doesn’t go far out of its way to make the experience a worthwhile one.

Metal Dogs Review

How much is that doggy in the wasteland? The one with the cute, curly tail? How much is that doggy in the wreckage? He blasts mutant ants without fail.

Touken Ranbu Warriors Review

Omega Force’s Warriors series crosses over with a new property for Touken Ranbu Warriors. Anthropomorphic swords fighting in the late Sengoku period sounds like a great fit, but the diluted gameplay quickly runs thin.

Loot River Review

Loot River has an enjoyably precise combat system. Can the game drift by on rewarding methodical progression or will the anchor of minimal deviation weigh it down?

tERRORbane Review

Spoofs in any medium, when well done, can become instant classics. tERRORbane is an attempt to poke fun at the gaming industry and RPGs, but falls flat in doing so.

Nobody Saves the World Review

What happens when a vacant-eyed nobody picks up a magic wand from an asthmatic wizard? You get the end of the world, and no coffee with half-skim, half goat milk. How does one stop the Calamity? By hoping to get Randy’s drink order just right.

Coromon Review

Coromon joins the roster of monster-taming RPGs with its charming retro art and puzzles. It proudly pays homage to its source of inspiration, but lacks innovative ideas to stand out.

Dark Deity Review

Dark Deity is a delightful hidden gem with tons to offer strategy fans. However, does the port to Nintendo Switch fare well for the students of Brookstead Military Academy? Find out in our review.

ANNO: Mutationem Review

ANNO: Mutationem is an action RPG that successfully blends 2D and 3D with its art style. Though a convoluted plot and some other annoyances hold it back, it’s a title that shows plenty of potential.