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Torchlight III Review

Torchlight III is a game of simple pleasures and going for one more dungeon can be very addicting. With an easy-going tone and accessible to all, the game is best enjoyed in short bursts.

Battle Hunters Review

Battle Hunters offers a set of 28 warriors with very diverse backgrounds and abilities to personalize the fighting experience. Colorful characters, powerful bosses, and a fun battle system form part of an entertaining journey.

Warsaw PS4 Review

Pixelated Milk’s Warsaw tries to make the jump to PS4 a year after its release on PC. Unfortunately, the presence of frustrating bugs prevents it from sticking the landing.

Noita Review

Nolla Games’ Noita reaches a high point when players are able to freely lay waste to the game’s playground during their adventures. Unfortunately the game seems somewhat stingy in giving the tools to overcome the highly challenging hurdles that are encountered along the way.

Hades Review

Feeling trapped? Lord of the Underworld got you down? There’s a cure for what ails you and it’s one of the best games of the year.

Vaporum: Lockdown Review

Fatbot Games returns to the Arx Vaporum with a prequel that is able to scratch that first-person dungeon-crawler itch. Only one character can be controlled here, but the tools at her disposal more than make up for the absence of party members.

Moero Crystal H Video Review

Zenox has come to town to find his long-lost father, but instead gets embroiled in a plot around the Bra of Darkness and the Panties of Light. Surrounded by monster girls, can the luckiest pervert find everything he’s looking for?