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Deiland Review

In a world of laughter, a world of tears, a young man deals with his hopes and fears. There’s much for him to share, so that all may be aware, Planet Deiland is not so small.

Outriders Review

Outriders blends the depth of RPGs with the intensity of shooters. Yet, this hybrid lacks something groundbreaking in order to be a serious contender in either genre.

NieR Replicant Review

It’s been over a decade, but western gamers have finally been given a chance to play the Replicant incarnation of NieR. More than that, this remaster features enough new content to make an already good game even better.

King’s Bounty II Preview

The King’s Bounty series returns this August with King’s Bounty II. RPGamer was able to learn more about the title from 1C Entertainment’s CEO Nikolay Baryshnikov and brand manager Iliya Svanidze.

Biomutant Review

Experiment 101 promised an ambitious experience with its debut RPG Biomutant. However, did all the ambitions the game boasted prior to release make it into the final cut? Or is the experience plagued by broken dreams and technical issues galore?