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The Lost Child Review

Kadokawa Games’ follow-up-slash-spin-off to El Shaddai takes things in a rather different gameplay direction. Though the spirit-summoning dungeon-crawler invites some obvious comparisons, there are enough distinguishing elements to make it worth a look.


Cosmic Star Heroine Vita Review

Space isn’t the only final frontier in this solar system. Navigating the complex channels of bureaucracy and murder investigations are harder for this crew than just getting out of the atmosphere.


Keep Up with E3 2018 on RPGamer

The Electronics Entertainment Expo is upon us once more, and RPGamer will again be providing plenty of coverage for our readers to enjoy. Check out the article to see the various ways to keep up with our E3 coverage and for a handy reminder of the key conference and stream times.


West of Loathing Review

After bringing stick-figure adventures to Steam last year, Asymmetric Publications takes its Wild West Kingdom of Loathing spin-off to Switch. Fortunately, there’s a lot more to it than simply rummaging through filthy spittoons.