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Adventure Forge Preview

Game designer Jordan Weisman’s latest project, Adventure Forge, looks to give creators no-code tools to create their own narrative games. RPGamer was able to learn more from Jordan about its current and upcoming features, plus its release plans.

Capes Review

Spitfire Interactive marks its debut with superhero tactical RPG Capes. While it aims to be in the big hero leagues, the game fits more in sidekick territory.

Dream Tactics Review

Dream Tactics takes players to the Dream World, where there are plenty of pillows to beat down in strategic battles. Solid combat and fun character interactions make the game an enjoyable experience.

Fallout Season One Review

Amazon Prime recently released season one of Fallout for viewers to enjoy. Is Lucy’s journey worth the price of admission? Or does the show give viewers uranium fever? (That’s done and got me doooooooown!)