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Pokémon Violet Review

Pokémon Violet invites newcomers and veterans to explore the open world of the Paldea region. The freedom to choose a path, however, may turn into a deal breaker for those who struggle to find a balanced one.

Soccer Story Review

Soccer Story brings its take on a combination of adventure, sports, and RPG. A cute world is unfortunately undermined by both sporting and technical difficulties.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force Review

Star Ocean has returned with its latest entry, Star Ocean: The Divine Force. While there are attempts to evolve the series, they bring their own issues that hold back some of its good ideas.

Shadows Over Loathing Review

Asymmetric Publications returns to the Loathing universe with Shadows Over Loathing. Its Eldritch version of 1920s America comes with plenty of humour strangeness, but also an appreciable depth of exploration and puzzle-solving.

Soulstice Review

Soulstice brings a brand new IP to the action RPG landscape that offers a robust and challenging combat experience. Fans of the genre can look forward to a lengthy campaign with a good deal of replayability for perfectionists.

Lost Eidolons Review

Ocean Drive Studio made its debut this year with tactical RPG Lost Eidolons. Strong gameplay demonstrates plenty of promise for future titles, despite a few missteps.

Asterigos: Curse of the Stars Review

Asterigos: Curse of the Stars is a hidden indie gem from Acme Gamestudio that balances tough combat with great accessibility. While pacing issues and visual shortcomings exist, there’s a wonderful world waiting to be explored.

This Way Madness Lies Review

Can magical girls, Eldritchian horrors, and William Shakespeare all blend together seamlessly? Zeboyd Games gives it a go in their newest RPG, This Way Madness Lies.

Chained Echoes Interview

Chained Echoes is an upcoming JRPG-inspired game described to be a combination of a fantasy world with mechs, magic, and airships. RPGamer was able to talk to developer Matthias Linda about what awaits players in the game.