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Masters of Anima Review

Masters of Anima brings a ton of creativity to the table. Take the role of Otto, a reluctant would-be Shaper, to save your fiancée Ana, and coincidentally the world, by summoning a never-ending army of guardians in this fresh take on RPG and RTS gameplay.


Histories of the Emblem

The Fire Emblem series has gone from near death to massive success over the course of the last generation. Cassandra and Josh take an in-depth look at the recent entries that revived the franchise and ruminate on the series’ future on the Switch.


Tales of Aravorn: Cursed Lands Review

Indie developer Winter Wolves has released its latest fantasy visual novel-RPG hybrid. Cursed Lands returns to the setting of Aravorn, though goes back a few years before the events of Loren the Amazon Princess, and RPGamer journeyed back with it.


The Swords of Ditto Review

Life is hard on the island of Ditto, what with infestations of monsters and an evil witch who generally enjoys making the inhabitants suffer. Don’t worry: if you fail to put an end to Mormo’s dastardly reign, it’s the innocent island dwellers who are punished with a century of misery, not you.


Spoiler Warning: Memorable Moments from the Last 20 Years

RPGs have been providing more than their fair share of memorable moments for many years now. As part of celebrating both RPGamer’s new site and twentieth anniversary, we took a look back at some of the unforgettable events and sequences that they have provided throughout that time, and would also like to hear those of our readers.


The Alliance Alive Review

The Legend of Legacy gave SaGa fans a spiritual successor when it released in 2015, and The Alliance Alive looks to follow it up in 2018. Can this latest evolution find a new lease on life, or is it dead on arrival?


Welcome to RPGamer’s New Site

Welcome to RPGamer’s brand new website. This introductory post contains an important note for all our existing forum users, plus information on how to access our old content, and join the staff here at RPGamer.


The Council Impression

The first episode of Big Bad Wolf’s The Council released earlier this month, starting a conspiratorial tale in the late 18th century. The combination of a narrative adventure with an RPG-style character progression and skill system provides plenty of early interest.