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Arcadian Atlas Review

Arcadian Atlas weaves a treacherous and intriguing tale about a dysfunctional royal family in the Kingdom of Arcadia. Its simplistic and familiar tactical turn-based combat and a narrative focus with character development makes this indie title a decently enchanting experience.

Tails of Iron Review

Once upon a time, brave prince Redgi set out on a quest to save his kingdom and free his subjects. Join us for an adventure featuring rats, frogs, and one very familiar narrator.

Enshrouded Preview

Keen Games’s latest project Enshrouded is set to arrive on Steam Early Access later this year. RPGamer was able to get an early hands-off look at the survival action RPG.

Final Fantasy XVI Review

Highly anticipated Final Fantasy XVI exceeds many of its expectations. Focusing on action and world building, this spellbinding tale of Eikons is a magnificent entry for fans and newcomers alike.

Soulvars review graphic featured image

Soulvars Review

Soulvars is a soulless grind of an RPG where turn-based skill swapping mechanics similar to a deck of cards is the only entertainment value the title offers. The lack of story and character development provides a hollow experience.