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The Inquisitor Preview

The Inquisitor looks to shine a focus on detective work in this alternate history 16th century Europe. RPGamer takes a look at how this dialogue heavy action adventure is shaping up.

My Time at Sandrock Review

Pathea Games returns to its rebuilding post-apocalyptic world with My Time at Sandrock. The game certainly doesn’t skimp on the content, making for another pleasing entry in the life sim genre.

In Stars and Time Review

Who would want to replay the same day over and over again? InsertDisc5’s In Stars and Time asks players to take care of their mental health before plunging into this emotional adventure.

The Last Faith Review

The Last Faith marries elements of Metroidvania gameplay with Soulslike combat into an overall package that certainly looks divine. We take a look to see if it’s the genre’s second coming or just another false idol.

Baldur’s Gate III Review

Larian Studios took its time with Baldur’s Gate III, and certainly didn’t skimp on its content. After taking some time ourselves to fully digest it, we are ready to offer thoughts on the very impressive release product.

Eternights Review

Studio Sai’s debut is a dating sim action RPG taking place during the apocalypse. Uninspired combat and a drab presentation drag down an intriguing story and a likeable cast.

Backpack Hero Review

Backpack Hero takes a look at the finer things in life: precise organization and a deep gameplay loop. Do the random mechanics and presentation make this turn-based roguelike a hit, or does it get mailed back to sender?