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Circus Electrique Review

Circus Electrique imagines a steampunk version of London overrun by maniacs where the city’s only hope lies with a ragtag group of circus performers. While promising on paper, odd design choices bring the level of spectacle down significantly.

Steelrising Review

Automatons stalk the streets of Paris and King Louis XVI rules with an iron fist. It would be a shame if there were a more advanced robot to put a stop to the whole thing.

Sunday Gold Review

BKOM Studios’ Sunday Gold merges point-and-click adventure and turn-based RPG mechanics. While the result is an average representation of both, it makes for an interesting attempt at a genre mashup.

Wild Hearts Preview

Koei Tecmo and Omega Force return to the hunting action RPG sub-genre, partnering with EA for Wild Hearts. RPGamer was able to learn more about the game and what awaits players in its fantasy version of feudal Japan.

Valkyrie Elysium Review

Valkyrie Elysium marks the return of a long dormant JRPG series, this time as an action RPG. Fast paced combat and strong supporting cast are bolstered by thoughtful homage to the parent series.

The DioField Chronicle Review

The DioField Chronicle provides an engaging and refreshing real time tactical battle system. That will be enough for fans of tactical RPGs, but the bland story unfortunately can’t keep up with its stellar gameplay.

Inkulinati Demo Impression

Inkulinati uses visual flair and comedic sensibilities to catch the eyes in this roguelite tactical game. RPGamer takes a look at the demo to see how deep the combat goes in matching this style.

Extra Life 2022

RPGamer is proud to once again be participating in Extra Life. Find out how to join us in helping sick kids and funding research on the first weekend in November.

Manafinder Review

Manafinder incorporates several mini-games to add more fun to its adventure. This pixel-art turn-based RPG from small indie developer Wolfsden makes for an engaging and highly enjoyable experience.

Airoheart Deep Look

Airoheart is the latest title to take advantage of the top-down action adventure revival. However, a lack of polish and anything new limit its likely audience.