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RPGCast – Episode 475: “God Otter”

Chris is merely a man. If you prick him, does he not bleed? If you give him two awkwardly full bottles of soda, does he not spill them on his laptop and require an expensive repair? And if you give him a cup of coffee after that repair, does not his cat spill it on the same laptop and break it again? What? Oh, those last two aren’t normal? Oh, I guess he is an idiot then.


RPGCast – Episode 474: “My Desk Is Made Of Rich Mahogany”

If you’re not too busy swinging through the streets, perfecting your armour, or exploring the Dreaming City we’ve got a new RPG Cast for you. And if the current fall lineup wasn’t already overwhelming, then get ready for a long list of new titles announced or shown recently that are going to make you wonder how you can ever get caught up.

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Chapter 7 – The Hunt: Stories From Monster Hunter

In this episode of The Hunt, your hosts talk about their utter failure at beating the harder monsters in the Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate demo. We also discuss the features of the game to try and prepare those jumping from Monster Hunter World to the older series entries for the first time.

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Episode 86 – Q&A The Gathering

This week in Q&A Quest, some kind listener gives Wheels the chance to talk about trading card games. We also discuss the future potential of turn-based RPGs thanks to Octopath Traveler’s success.