Gordian Quest Releasing on PS4, PS5

Publisher Maximum Entertainment and developer Mixed Realms announced that deckbuilding RPG Gordian Quest will release on PlayStation consoles. The title will be available on April 30, 2024, on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. This announcement came with a minute-long trailer showcasing the game’s important aspects.

The story of Gordian Quest is set in the world of Wrendia, which faces many threats including a widespread curse, monster proliferation, and bandit attacks. Players control a group of heroes tasked with dealing with those various threats. The game cites old-school CRPGs such as Ultima and Dungeons & Dragons as inspirations, while featuring roguelite elements and deckbuilding. Players build up a party and customise their deck with over 700 passive and active skills across four different modes: a story-based Campaign Mode, a roguelite Realm Mode, a procedurally generated Adventure Mode, and a two-player PvP Skirmish Mode. Gordian Quest originally released for PC (via Steam) in 2022, with a Nintendo Switch version following in 2023.



Mohamed Lamine Coulibaly

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