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Paraside: Duality Unbound Announced

Mistold Games and WhisperGames announced strategy RPG Paraside: Duality Unbound. The title is set on a post-apocalyptic Earth where players are tasked with leading Earth’s remnants against extraplanar threats.

Death end re;Quest: Code Z Gets 2025 Western Release

The latest title in Compile Heart’s Death end re;Quest series is coming west next year. Idea Factory International will be releasing the title, which switches to roguelike combat and exploration.

Touhou Spell Carnival Coming West This Year

Idea Factory International revealed that Touhou Spell Carnival is releasing in the west later this year. The tactical RPG spin-off to the bullet hell series is developed by Compile Heart and Sting.

Ys X: Nordics Gets October Date

NIS America revealed that Ys X: Nordics is heading west in October. The latest title in the action RPG series will be available on PC and consoles.