Death end re;Quest Code Z Unveiled

Compile Heart announced the latest title in its Death end re;Quest series. Differing from previous titles, Death end re;Quest Code Z is a roguelike RPG and is set to release for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch in Japan on September 19, 2024.

Death end re;Quest Code Z features a setting with multiple worlds and revolves around the entity Iris. Iris was born in “DE-1 World”, which resembles 2000s Earth. After that world entered a spiral of tragedy, Iris created an replica known as “DE-1.5 World” and set it up to be more idyllic. However, a new threat emerges that see new protagonist Sayaka Hiwatari facing chaos involving friends and foes.

Death end re;Quest Code Z will feature significantly more gruesome events and character death scenes than previous titles, leading to the game being given a CERO Z rating in Japan. The game will feature a mixture of returning and new characters, with its story connecting to the previous titles. Gameplay sees players entering an alternate dimension called the “Strain Area”, which is a 3D dungeon that changes structure each time it is entered. The game uses turn-based roguelike combat and exploration with various terrains, enemies, traps, and more. Its opening and ending theme songs will be performed by band Gesshoku Kaigi.

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