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Death end re;Quest 2 Getting Western Release

Death end re;Quest 2 launched in Japan last week. Idea Factory International confirmed that it will also be launching in North America and Europe, though there is currently only a general 2020 release window.

Death end re;Quest 2 Opening Movie Released

The opening movie for Death end re;Quest 2 shows its cast of female leads, including the returning Shiina Ninomiya. Japanese players can begin to unravel the Wardsworth dormitory disappearances next February.

Death end re;Quest 2 Announced

Compile Heart has announced a sequel to Death end re;Quest. The new game features a fresh story centred around the fictional southeastern European-themed town of Liz Soara.

Death end re;Quest Review

There’s plenty of torture and suffering to go around in Compile Heart’s latest visual novel/RPG hybrid, outside of some missteps with the combat mechanics. Prepare to be taken for a ride and face the re;Aper.

Death end re;Quest Releases in North America, Europe

Death end re;Quest is out now for PlayStation in North America, with its European release following very shortly. Idea Factory International also recent put out a five-minute video to introduce players to the game.

Cinematic Trailer Released for Death end re;Quest

A new cinematic trailer sets the stage for Death end re;Quest’s upcoming release. Players must explore the real world as well as the virtual World’s Odyssey to free its creator, who’s been mysteriously imprisoned in the MMORPG for nearly a year.