Compile Heart Reveals New Titles in Development

Japanese developer Compile Heart unveiled some of its upcoming titles currently in development. The reveal comes alongside the announcement of a new management structure for the studio, with Naoto Tominaga now serving as president and Hikaru Yasui as director.

The first title revealed is Todokero! Tatakae! Calamity Angels. The game is billed as a “delivery-themed” slapstick RPG and is planned to release for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch in Japan in summer 2024, followed by a PC release at a later date. The game features character designs from Kei Nanameda and revolves around personality types such as “moe” and “airheads”.



The second title is Touhou Spell Carnival. The real-time tactical RPG is developed alongside studio Sting and will utilise bullet hell elements within its gameplay. It features character illustrations from Katsuyuki Hirano, and revolves around a 30-day spell card battle involving various characters from the Touhou series. Touhou Spell Carnival is planned to release on multiple unspecified platforms in Japan in spring 2024.

Compile Heart also announced another collaboration with Sting for a new Madou Monogatari title. Madou Monogatari 4 is the first new release in the dungeon-crawling series in nearly two decades and is being created in cooperation with Sega and D4 Enterprise. It will release in Japan in summer 2024 with platforms not yet announced.



The developer is also working on two new titles in the Death end re;Quest series. Death end re;Quest Code: Zion is billed as a spin-off that is connected to Death end re;Quest and Death end re;Quest 2. It will feature some new elements for the series and release in Japan in summer 2024 for as-yet unannounced platforms. There will also be a new “mainline” title, though no other details have been revealed other than it will release after Death end re;Quest Code: Zion.

Finally, Compile Heart revealed that it is working on a new mainline Neptunia title. The game is still early in development, though has been in planning stages for nearly two years. Neither a title nor expected release window have been announced.



Source: Famitsu, Gematsu


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