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Death end re;Quest Receives New Screenshots

Idea Factory International has released some new screenshots for Death end re;Quest. This batch shows dungeon exploration, with some details on how party members can overcome obstacles will their skills.

Death end re;Quest Screens Show Off Glitch Mode

Compile Heart’s Death end re;Quest heads west early next year. Some new screenshots show off the game’s Glitch Mode, which powers up party members but at a potential cost.

More Death end re;Quest Japanese Gameplay

Compile Heart has another video showing the early portions of Death end re;Quest. This video introduces some of the real-world interactions that players will need to do to help free Shina Ninomiya from World’s Odyssey.

Death end re;Quest Gets Second Combat Trailer

A second combat trailer for Death end re;Quest shows some more aspects detailed last week. This footage focuses on summoning special creatures and the genre-altering mechanic.

Death end re;Quest Combat Details Emerge

Compile Heart has some new information and footage regarding combat in Death end re;Quest. The game is roughly a month away from hitting PS4 in Japan.