Death end re;Quest Steam Release Date Revealed

Idea Factory International has announced that the Steam PC version of Death end re;Quest will be released on May 15, 2019. The PC version will include English, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese subtitles. All of the free and paid DLC of the game, with the exception of the Bonus Weapon DLC, will also be released on Steam. In addition to purchasing the base game, those interested will be able to purchase the Deluxe Pack that includes:

  • Character Art collection
  • Concept Art collection
  • Three PC wallpaper designs
  • Eight mobile wallpapers
  • Soundtrack download

Death end re;Quest was originally released in North America and Europe for PlayStation 4 on February 19, 2019. The game follows two main protagonists, Shina Ninomiya and Arata Mizunashi, both employees of the developer behind fictional VRMMORPG World’s Odyssey. Though the VRMMORPG has been cancelled, Shina finds herself trapped within the game, while Arata attempts to rescue her from the real world in the city of Sagami. Those looking to read more about Death end re;Quest can check out Pascal Tekaia’s recent review of its PlayStation 4 version.



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