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Mary Skelter Finale Opening Movie Released

Compile Heart released the opening movies for the upcoming Mary Skelter Finale. The developer also introduced some new and returning characters in the game, which launches in Japan this October.

New Game+ Expo Announced for June 23

A cancellation of physical events means that publishers are finding new ways to showcase and reveal upcoming games. Fourteen publishers have announced a joint New Game+ Expo event that will be broadcast live on Twitch next month.

Death end re;Quest 2 Getting Western Release

Death end re;Quest 2 launched in Japan last week. Idea Factory International confirmed that it will also be launching in North America and Europe, though there is currently only a general 2020 release window.

Azur Lane: Crosswave Review

Azur Lane: Crosswave sees personified versions of warships battle it out on the open seas. Compile Heart and Felistella title provides some lighthearted enjoyment, but doesn’t make any particularly noteworthy waves.

Azur Lane: Crosswave Out Now on PS4, PC

Azur Lane: Crosswave is now available on PS4 and PC. Ahead of its release, Idea Factory International released the naval 3D shooter RPG’s opening movie, as well as its final character screenshot batch.

Azur Lane: Crosswave Gets Many More Screenshots

Idea Factory International provided some extra screenshot batches for Azur Lane: Crosswave. The new images show the photo and story modes, as well as numerous more characters appearing in the game, which launches next week.