Dokapon Kingdom: Connect Trailer Offers Scheming Introduction

Idea Factory International released a new trailer for Dokapon Kingdom: Connect. The three-minute “A Schemer’s Guide to Dokapon” video offers an insight into the competitive nature of the party board game and RPG hybrid as well as explaining its basic rules and gameplay.

Dokapon Kingdom: Connect is a remaster of PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Wii title Dokapon Kingdom. Dokapon Kingdom: Connect is set in a kingdom where monsters suddenly appear and attack towns. The king recruits warriors to rescue the towns in order to restore peace and, most importantly, tax revenue. It includes includes three game modes: Normal, where players fight to have the most money after a certain period of time; Story, where players attempt to clear various challenges across the kingdom; and Battle Royale, three different race-style modes. The game will release for Nintendo Switch on May 9, 2023.



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