Dokapon Kingdom: Connect Opening Movie, Class Info Released

Compile Heart released the opening movie to the upcoming Dokapon Kingdom: Connect, a remaster of the party board game and RPG hybrid Dokapon Kingdom. The opening movie, viewable below, comes alongside a new update for the game’s official English website, which details some of the game’s classes.

Dokapon Kingdom: Connect is set in a kingdom where monsters suddenly appear and attack towns. The king recruits warriors to rescue the towns in order to restore peace and, most importantly, tax revenue. The warrior who collects the most is to be rewarded with the princess’s hand in marriage. The game cycle sees players spinning a roulette wheel to determine their movement before fighting any opponents in their way, including other players. Players have eleven job classes to choose from, earn experience points to level up their character, and can purchase or steal items.



Classes are divided into standard jobs and advanced jobs, each rated in six attributes — attack, defense, magic, speed, hit points, and bonus rate — as well as having a unique field skill and two battle skills. The three standard jobs revealed are Warrior, which is good with physical attacks and weapons; Magician, which can cast powerful spells; and Thief, with has fast movement and great pickpocketing skills. The six advanced jobs are Alchemist, which creates items using magic; Cleric, which is able to help others using their holy powers; Spellsword, which is well-rounded in both weapons and magic; Monk, which has exceptional fighting abilities; Acrobat, which can fool others using their acting skills; and Ninja, which can attack quickly from the shadows.

Dokapon Kingdom: Connect features four-player online and local multiplayer and includes five game modes: Normal, Story, Shopping Race, Kill Race, and Town Race. The game will release for Nintendo Switch in Japan on April 13, 2023, and in Europe and North America in spring 2023. It will be available both physically and digitally.



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