Dokapon Kingdom: Connect Launching in May

Idea Factory International announced a May 9, 2023, release date for Dokapon Kingdom: Connect in North America and Europe. The remaster of the party board game and RPG hybrid Dokapon Kingdom will be available on Nintendo Switch, physically and digitally, with the physical edition available to pre-order now from Idea Factory International’s North American and European online stores.

Dokapon Kingdom: Connect is set in a kingdom where monsters suddenly appear and attack towns. The king recruits warriors to rescue the towns in order to restore peace and, most importantly, tax revenue. The warrior who collects the most is to be rewarded with the princess’s hand in marriage. The game cycle sees players spinning a roulette wheel to determine their movement before fighting any opponents in their way, including other players. Players have eleven job classes to choose from and change between, earning experience points to level up their character while being able to purchase or steal items.

The game will feature online and local multiplayer for up to four players. The online mode includes an auto-save function, which saves after every in-game week; the ability for all remaining players to reconnect into a new lobby if one player disconnects; and the ability for a player to tap out and pass control to the AI if they need to leave.

Dokapon Kingdom: Connect includes three game modes: Normal, where players fight to have the most money after a certain period of time; Story, where players attempt to clear various challenges across the kingdom; and Battle Royale, three different race-style modes. Town Race sees players attempt to liberate a particular town, Kill Race sees players trying to defeat one another, and Shopping Race sees players trying to bring a certain item back to the castle.



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