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Mary Skelter: Nightmares Review

Let us enter a wacky world with wayward women from wild and weird fairy tales. These women then have blood squirted onto them for a calming effect. Of all the things that could have happened, that one probably wasn’t the first pick.

Death end re;Quest Review

There’s plenty of torture and suffering to go around in Compile Heart’s latest visual novel/RPG hybrid, outside of some missteps with the combat mechanics. Prepare to be taken for a ride and face the re;Aper.

Death end re;Quest Releases in North America, Europe

Death end re;Quest is out now for PlayStation in North America, with its European release following very shortly. Idea Factory International also recent put out a five-minute video to introduce players to the game.

Cinematic Trailer Released for Death end re;Quest

A new cinematic trailer sets the stage for Death end re;Quest’s upcoming release. Players must explore the real world as well as the virtual World’s Odyssey to free its creator, who’s been mysteriously imprisoned in the MMORPG for nearly a year.

Neptunia Re;Birth1 Gets More PC DLC

The remake of the very first Neptunia game has gotten more DLC on Steam. The Babysitter’s Club and Pain Terrain DLC add new characters and new dungeons.