Author: Karlee Dixon

Amazon Games Announces New World: Aeternum Closed Beta

Amazon Games has announced a closed beta test for action RPG New World: Aeternum. The beta test takes place in mid-July and allows players to gain a deeper glimpse into the game’s world, character customization, and end-game content.

Sword of Convallaria Gets Ready for Release

XD Games confirmed that tactical RPG Sword of Convallaria will release in the summer. The global launch announcement trailer details some of the plot and offers a better look at the combat mechanics and dialogue.

Anime-Inspired RPG Wander Stars Gets Story Trailer

A story reveal trailer for anime-influenced Wander Stars debuted at the 2024 Gaming PC Gaming Show. The video displays martial arts-like combat segments, dialogue between characters, and various locations across space.

Skyline Valley Expansion Coming to Fallout 76

Bethesda Studios revealed the latest new Fallout 76 expansion at the 2024 Xbox Showcase. The launch trailer reveals a new region to explore and offers a sneak peek into the expansion’s combat segments.

Fresh Look Into Deathbound Available Now

Upcoming Action RPG Deathbound gets a new trailer during the Guerilla Collective Showcase. The video displays brand-new details about the game’s plot, world, and fighting mechanics.