Fresh Look Into Deathbound Available Now

Polish video game publisher Tate Multimedia and Brazilian developer TrialForge Studio prepare for the upcoming launch of Deathbound, a soulslike single-player action RPG, by releasing a new trailer. The overview trailer, which debuted during the Guerilla Collective Showcase, offers a look into the game’s harsh world.

Deathbound’s combat system allows players to toggle between various battle styles, such as spell-slinging, skillful swordsmanship, brutal mauling, and graceful capoeira fighting. Key features of the gameplay include consuming the essence of seven slain warriors to gain each member’s skill, identity, and memories, unlockable abilities that are accessible through talent trees, and cruel adversaries that are based on the five stages of grief. Deathbound launches in unison on PC, Playstation 5, and Xbox Series X|S later this year and is currently available to wishlist on Steam.


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