Fate/Samurai Remnant Receives Its Third DLC

A new DLC, Record’s Fragment: Bailong and the Crimson Demon, has come to action RPG Fate/Samurai Remnant. The third DLC volume was released on June 20, 2024, on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC. It is available individually or included as part of the Season Pass, which also contains the previous two volumes.

Record’s Fragment: Bailong and the Crimson Demon’s plot revolves around a few mysteries that introduces a new foe in Edo. A malicious monster is abducting several missing children from their village, there are rumors of evil spirits, and a mysterious voice keeps calling out to peacekeeping ronin Miyamoto Iori and Saber. They band together with allies and a new friend, the spear-handling Zhao Yun, to investigate, where they encounter a strange woman, a bird-like monster, and a looming threat.

The latest title in the Fate multimedia franchise and developed by Omega Force in collaboration with Type-Moon and Aniplex, Fate/Samurai Remnant is set in the fourth year of the Keian era in Edo period Japan (around 1651 CE). It follows Miyamoto Iori and his partner Saber as they participate in the Waxing Moon Ritual in order to obtain an artifact capable of granting wishes. Those looking to read more about Fate/Samurai Remnant can check out RPGamer’s review of its PlayStation 5 version as well as an interview with game director Ryota Matsushita.



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