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Gordian Quest Releasing on PS4, PS5

Publisher Maximum Entertainment and developer Mixed Realms announced that deckbuilding RPG Gordian Quest will release on PlayStation consoles. The title will be available in the coming days on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Afterimage Launching in April

Modus Games and Aurogon Shanghai revealed that Afterimage will be launching in April. The game is a 2D side-scrolling action RPG coming to PC and consoles.

Soulstice Review

Soulstice brings a brand new IP to the action RPG landscape that offers a robust and challenging combat experience. Fans of the genre can look forward to a lengthy campaign with a good deal of replayability for perfectionists.

Soulstice Set for September

Modus Games and Reply Game Studios’ action RPG Soulstice is launching in September. A demo will be available in August, with potential players able to sign up now to get early access to it.

Cris Tales Review

Cris Tales has players hopping between eras on a quest to stop the Time Empress. A dazzling graphical style is overshadowed by too many gameplay mechanics.

Cris Tales Out Now

Time-jumping RPG Cris Tales is now available. Join Crisbell as she battles against an evil empire while jumping between timelines in the past, present, and future.

Cris Tales Opening Cinematic Released

Modus Games, Dreams Uncorporated, and SYCK’s Cris Tales is launching in a month’s time. The companies released the game’s cinematic opening video to help get players excited.

Soulstice Announced

At E3, Modus Games announced Soulstice, an action RPG coming out in 2022. Some vile sorcery has turned two sisters into a Chimera, a warrior with two souls, and possibly humanity’s only hope against the Wraiths.

Cris Tales July Launch Date Confirmed

Modus Games confirmed a specific launch date for Dreams Uncorporated and SYCK’s Cris Tales. The game will let players manipulate time in the second half of July.

Cris Tales to Release in July

The much-anticipated indie RPG Cris Tales finally has a release window. The game is heading to multiple platforms this July.

Cris Tales Gets New Gameplay Footage

Modus Games released a new fourteen-minute narrated gameplay video for Cris Tales. Dreams Uncorporated and SYCK’s time-manipulation RPG is set to launch next year.