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Cris Tales Delayed to 2021

Time-manipulation RPG Cris Tales has been pushed a bit further into the future. The game will now launch on its numerous platforms next year.

Cris Tales Demonstration Impression

Cris Tales is a turn-based, time-manipulation RPG with heavy influences from classic JRPGs that has a lot to recommend it. Modus Games and Dreams Uncorporated gave RPGamer a detailed look of roughly three-to-four hours of content in a preview demonstration.

Cris Tales Launching in November

Modus Games, Dreams Uncorporated, and SYCK have revealed a release date for Cris Tales. The game will launch this November, with the demo version receiving some new additions.

New Information Arises for Cris Tales

Revealed at this year’s E3, Cris Tales is a RPG that harkens back to days past. A recent blog from the publisher reveals a new coastal city that players can explore in the world of Crystallis.

Cris Tales Developers Respond to Demo Feedback

Cris Tales received a demo version in June, and players have been providing their feedback. Publisher Modus Games and developers Dreams Uncorporated and SYCK have released a new video addressing the positive response to that demo, which is now set to be available indefinitely.

Cris Tales E3 Impression

Cris Tales is billed as a love-letter to classic JRPGs, but makes its own distinct mark in several ways. Pascal Tekaia was able to check out how Crisbell’s time manipulation powers help in both questing and combat.

Modus Games Announces Cris Tales

Modus Games has announced Cris Tales, a title billed as a love letter to classic JRPGs with a focus on time manipulation. The game is coming out next year, but a demo is available to download for the next couple of weeks.