Phantom Blade Zero Announced

Chinese developer S-Game has unveiled Phantom Blade Zero, a new action RPG set in a fantastical, Kung Fu-inspired Phantom World. Players take control of Soul, an elite assassin who works for the enigmatic organization known only as The Order. Framed for murder and left for dead, he is given a second lease on life from a mystic healer, though he only has 66 days to discover those who set him up.

Phantom Blade Zero will be a semi-open world game, featuring handcrafted animations and highly-stylized combat that the team is describing as “Kung Fu Punk”. Players will be able to take on fearsome creatures and enemies, which will provide new weapons, armor, artifacts, and skills to customize playstyle. Phantom Blade Zero is set to release on PlayStation 5 and PC. There is currently no release period announced for the game.


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