Author: Zack Webster

ATOM RPG Materializing on Switch Soon

The Soviet-themed RPG is making its way to the Switch in a very short time. Switch players will be able to use their saves from an existing version and experience a new control scheme redone entirely for the console.

Outriders Journeys into the Unknown and on to Stadia

As the Outriders journey into the unknown, the game will also be making its way to Google Stadia. While the game won’t hit the platform the same time as the rest, the new trailer is for everyone right now.

New Hades Update Pays the Blood Price

Supergiant Games has paid the price and updated its dungeon-crawling rogue-like Hades once more. This is the last planned major content update before the game’s full release later this year.

Deck of Ashes Available Now

Deck of Ashes is out of Early Access after 14 months. New buyers will get some digital extras for a limited time for the deck-building RPG.

Minecraft Dungeons Out Now

Minecraft’s spinoff action RPG is out now for most dedicated platforms and PC. Game Pass subscribers also now have access to the game.

Deck of Ashes Finds Release Date

After over a year in Early Access, Deck of Ashes will discover its full release next month. Buyers can expect some bonus content in the game’s Day One edition.

Cassette Beasts Announced

A new entrant in the monster-battling genre is looking to enter the ring. Cassette Beasts wants to mix it up in more ways than one.