Author: Zack Webster

World of Horror Receives Major Update

After a lengthy silence, World of Horror is back with its biggest content update yet. See what new curses are blighting this unfortunate seaside town.

Wartales Now Available in Early Access

PC RPGamers can now explore the medieval land of Edoran as Wartales enters Early Access. Lead a warband and make ends meet in this open-world RPG.

ELEX II Shows Off Its Factions

A new video shows off the factions of ELEX II. In addition to the more familiar ones, a new faction has also been added to give the player more options.

SpellForce III Console Versions Delayed

Console users are going to be waiting a while longer for SpellForce III to arrive. PC users will still be getting the update on schedule.

Astria Ascending Out Today

Chaos reigns and it’s up to eight Demigods to stop it. The new RPG from several Final Fantasy veterans is available now.

The Good Life Explores the Town

A new trailer and screenshots give a more comprehensive look at the town of Rainy Woods. Players can still expect to live The Good Life by the end of the year.

Horizon Forbidden West Delayed

Horizon Forbidden West’s release has been pushed back to early 2022. As a consolation, those who have a PS5 will be able to play the original game at new, improved frame rate.

Everspace 2 Gets a Demo

Interested in space-faring but not quite sure if it’s right for you? Everspace 2 now has a demo that can give a taste of the open world RPG before fully committing.

Wasteland 3: Cult of the Holy Detonation Announced

The Rangers of Wasteland 3 are set for one more ride to Cheyenne Mountain this October. A new collection of containing all the game’s content will arrive at the same time allowing new players to get all caught up.