Author: Zack Webster

Paradox Interactive Announces Empire of Sin

1920s Chicago is rife for game possibilities. So it makes sense that Paradox Interactive and Romero Games are looking to make players the king or queen of the Windy City.

FromSoftware Forging the Elden Ring

After a short break from RPGs with Sekiro, FromSoftware announces its return to the genre with the new title Elden Ring. There isn’t much to go on now, but there is also an enlightening interview with the game’s director.

Dauntless Now Available

After a lengthy early access period, Dauntless is now making its full debut. Better yet, for this debut everyone is going to be going to the same party.

Console Release Dates Surface for Feudal Alloy

After exploring the lands of PC and Switch, the fish in the bowl is getting ready to head to the pastures of the PS4 and Xbox One. Attempts at making a fish-out-of-water joke are somewhat scuppered when it brings the water with it.