Final Fantasy XVI Release Date Revealed

Square Enix has announced the release date for Final Fantasy XVI. The game will launch on June 22, 2023, for the PlayStation 5. The announcement came via The Game Awards where a new trailer titled Revenge debuted. Additionally, Square Enix has revealed the different editions of the game and their contents.

The Final Fantasy XVI Collector’s Edition, which will be available exclusively through Square Enix’s online stores in North America and Europe beginning on December 12, 2022, features the following:

  • A collector’s box featuring artwork from Yoshitaka Amano
  • Final Fantasy XVI game with reversible cover art
  • A premium stature featuring a battle between the Eikons Phoenix and Ifrit
  • Metal Eikon pin collection containing eight depictions of the Eikons
  • Special Clove Rosfeld SteelBook case
  • A cloth map of Valisthea
  • Blood Sword weapon DLC, the weapon of Final Fantasy II‘s Firion
  • Pre-order SteelBook
  • Digital mini artbook
  • Digital mini soundtrack
  • Scholar’s Spectacles in-game item, which boosts experience gain

There will be a physical Deluxe Edition that contains the standard edition of the game with reversible cover art, a cloth map of Valisthea, and a special Clive Rosfeld-design SteelBook. A Digital Deluxe Edition will feature the base game with a digital mini art book and digital mini soundtrack. Both Deluxe Editions are available to pre-order now.



In North America, different retailers will have additional pre-order incentives:

  • Square Enix Store: A 6″ Realms of Valisthea wall banner
  • GameStop: 2.5″ Realms of Valisthea patches
  • Best Buy: Final Fantasy XVI pre-order SteelBook
  • PlayStation Store: Digital pre-orders will receive the Scholar’s Spectacles

Final Fantasy XVI is set in the magical world of Valisthea, where a Blight threatens the Mothercrystals that serve as the lands source of power. Players take control of Clive Rosfeld, a warrior sworn to protect his younger brother Joshua who serves as his nation’s Dominant, an individual capable of summoning and wielding a powerful Eikon. As tragedy strikes, Clive’s path crosses that of Ifrit, a dark Eikon that wreaks calamity wherever it goes.

Square Enix also provided a few more details on a couple of the game’s characters and its gameplay options. The game sees players controlling protagonist Clive Rosfield in action-based combat that utilises Eikonic powers and can lead to players directly controlling EIkons themsevles. The game will have a Story-focused mode, where Clive will automatically dodge some attacks, while combos can be triggered more easily, while the Action-focused mode have players fully controlling all of Clive’s actions.

Torgal is protagonist Clive’s trusted hound. Found alone in a snowfield, Torgal has been Clive’s loyal companion and accompanies him on his journey. Torgal participates in combat, both attacking enemies and helping to heal Clive with players able to give him orders. Meanwhile, Clive is joined by other AI-controlled allies during the game. One is Cidolfus “Cid” Telamon, a former soldier looking to build somewhere for persecuted magic users called Bearers. He is also a Dominant, bearing the Eikon Ramuh.

Finally, Square Enix announced some of the game’s main English voice cast:

  • Clive Rosfield – Ben Starr
  • Joshua Rosfield – Logan Hannan
  • Jill Warrick (child) – Charlotte McBurney
  • Jill Warrick (young adult) – Susannah Fielding
  • Cidolfus Telamon – Ralph Ineson
  • Benedikta Harman – Nina Yndis
  • Hugo Kupka – Alex Lanipekun
  • Dion Lesage – Stewart Clarke
  • Barnabas Tharmr – David Menkin



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