Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Collection Deep Look

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is a fantastic package for Final Fantasy fans and newcomers to these classic titles.

My first encounter with Final Fantasy happened at my Nonna’s house when I was around four years old. My uncle owned an NES and only had three games: Skate or Die, Mario Bros, and Final Fantasy. Every time I went to my grandmother’s house, I found myself captivated by the game, though, at that age, I never got very far or knew fully what to do. As I got older, I found myself gravitating towards the game, playing it, making it as far as Elfhiem, but still never progressing any further. My heart broke the day my uncle got rid of his NES, and it wasn’t until meeting my now husband, that I would complete Final Fantasy for the first time on the GBA.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster has brought back a lot of positive memories for me, and replaying Final Fantasy I to completion reminded me how special the series’ roots are. The opening sequence where the four warriors of light gather with the King and are asked to save Princess Sarah from Garland is undoubtedly memorable. Final Fantasy fans constantly joke about how “Garland will knock you down!” but it’s because there is something so absurd in the line that it stands out. Working through the game had me grinning from ear to ear, as reading cheeky NPC dialogue had me laughing throughout. Seeing the game transformed in gorgeous 2D HD pixels made the world a joy to explore, and having beautiful musical arrangements reminded me why this series captures its audience with its soundtracks.

The Pixel Remaster version also offered some unique boosts that I absolutely took advantage of. Being able to turn off encounters so I could actually explore every floor and find loot without having to deal with an old-school encounter rate was a blessing, though it allowed me to complete the game in five hours given I also boosted my experience points and money earned. This allowed me to buy magic for the Black and White Mages that normally would require a lot more grinding to purchase, such as Full-Life or Flare. I realize these boosts remove some level of challenge, but I appreciate these quality-of-life improvements, especially for those with much less patience for high encounter rates or who wish to treasure hunt. All the new features can be toggled on or off, meaning players can tailor their experience the way they want. There is also an auto-battle feature that moves at 2x times the speed, which is a bit crazy, though great for plowing through regular enemy encounters.

That’s harsh.

After completing Final Fantasy, I moved on to replaying Final Fantasy VI, and I am loving the experience so much. From Locke and Celes’ romance to Cyan’s great loss, there are so many stunning moments in this story that have kept me glued to my Nintendo Switch. Hearing many of the character theme songs with new arrangements has been a highlight, and I have been walking around my house the last few days humming different character theme songs. Being reunited with this cast has left my heart feeling so full, and the emotional rollercoaster has been well worth the price of admission. It’s amazing how games like Final Fantasy VI continue to age so gracefully and stand the test of time. 

New to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 versions are the choice between a modernized accessible font, or a classic pixel font that recreates the original feeling of these games. Players can also toggle between the arranged soundtrack and the original at any time in the configuration menu. As previously stated, each of the games comes with different gameplay elements that can be adjusted at any time. The collection includes a bestiary for each of the games, with habitat charts that players can fill in as they encounter different enemies. Each game also sports both an art gallery and sound player, with all art and tracks available from the get-go.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is a fantastic package for Final Fantasy fans and newcomers to these older titles. Not only are these versions much more accessible, but they offer so much additional content. This is a great collection for fans of Final Fantasy and is an awesome way to relive these classics again and again. While the price point is a bit steep, RPGamers can also buy the games individually. I can honestly say that replaying the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Collection has been such a wonderful experience to relive, and I cannot wait to replay all the other games throughout the year.


Disclosure: This article is based on a copy of the collection provided by the publisher.

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